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    Sorry for that 'as smooth as an Android's ****'. I am also a treckie and that is one of my favorite lines from Riker to Data.

    After playing with the Passport for a couple days via WiFi I decided to take the jump with AT&T.

    Two ways of doing it. I actually did both.

    Go to 'Bring your own phone"
    It leads you through the steps of selecting a SIM card (nano SIM which says 3G and 4G Blackberry). Then registering your IMEI. The system recognizes or adds the IMEI instantly.
    Then select a plan. AT&T all share plans come with discounts every month. Up to 10GB the discount is 15% and 10GB and higher 25%. If you select a lower GB than 10GB and one day you move up to 10GB you will also receive a 25% discount. This is standard and not a limited promo. Then you put your basic info in.
    If you have a number to port (if you are out of contract) like I did, you enter it and AT&T checks automatically the number and adds it as your new phone number.
    When I got to the confirmation screen I stopped as the SIM card was scheduled to ship within 1 business day. But I wanted it today. No chance of switching it to a store pickup. So I cancelled out. The process took me all of 25 minutes.
    There was no money due. The SIM card is free and so was the shipping.

    I went to a corporate AT&T store (make sure it is not a 3rd party retailer).

    In Store

    The guy basically did the same as I did with the difference that he went to the back and came out with a nano SIM card and added the SIM Card number to the account. Like online the Passport IMEI number registered as Blackberry Passport SQW 100-1 (I peeked at the screen).
    If you have a number to port make sure you have your VZW account number and password handy.

    A quick reboot and I had LTE and everything. Your ported number worked immediately to call out but inbound calls still went to my old phone. The entire process in the store took no more than 20 minutes and the porting was completed 15 min later while I was already home when I got a text message from AT&T confirming the completion of the number porting.

    You do not need dummy IMEIs or IMEIs from other phones (like in other posts described) nor do you need to cut a SIM card or use an adapter (like some have suggested). The SIMs are free for crying out loud.

    Very easy process.

    And before anybody asks: I had indeed a throng of Passport voyeurs while I was waiting (which was longer than the time it took opening an account). It felt like I was walking around with a super model and everybody was gawking and wondering "how in this world did this ugly little dude get such a beautiful lady". I can not blame them. She looks good in my hand and we are a perfect couple
    Some even followed me to the counter when my name was called. Hey, whatever happened to "this is my personal space"?

    The good thing: In the store were 3 or 4 people who were there for an upgrade. I let two of them play around with it while waiting for my name to be called. The one lady says 'Heck, I wait to upgrade til this thing comes out' and the other three aggreed and they all left the store.

    Little side story: Even my Z30 was a looker. One of the people ask me in disbelieve "This is a Blackberry too?" When I nodded she turned around and said: Hunny, hunny, look at this Blackberry here."
    I could say something now about VZW but that would R+ maybe even X Rated. Shame on you for not advertising the Z30.

    For those who are with AT&T:
    I asked the store manager if they have heard about any interest about the Passport and he said "definitely". They get calls in at a steady pace and they already switched 78 former VZW customers since September. He said they will offer the Passport as early as December no later than January. They might offer a preorder screen eventually. But he was not sure.
    No wonder they were so handy with the Passport. They knew where the SIM card went. They found the EMEI number on the phone without asking. Rebooted it without asking. Very pleasant experience.
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    Nice story to share. Love when a plan comes together.
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