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    Mireo map updates are free, and come at least once a year, so you only pay once, unless you want an additional region of the world.. If you want a map update, do *NOT* go to the store, because they will be very happy to charge you again for the maps.. Instead, go to the "settings" screen (gear icon) and scroll down to the bottom and click either the "Check for Updates" (see caveat below) to get new map versions (free download) or "Recover Content" if you've re-installed or have otherwise lost your map data (again, free download, so you don't have to pay again)..

    Anyways, the offline capability of Mireo is great when you're travelling and either do not have data or don't want to pay the exhorbitant roaming rates for data.. The ability to download an entire region (eg, North America, South America, Western Europe, etc) is far more usable than Google's caching capability, which I find extremely unfriendly to configure and also exceedingly inefficient in terms of storage space used.. Nokia Here is somewhat better, but is essentially still a map tile cache with a better selection/download interface..

    Where Mireo falls down (and falls down badly) is in its ability (or inability) to interact with outside services (ie, you can't cut and paste addresses, you can't import/export favorite addresses, POIs, etc), and where it really sucks is in the map update function.. If you check for an update and there is one available, it immediately nukes all your existing maps, and *then* it asks if you want to download the update.. Can you see the problem here? If you decide not to download the update at this point in time, you're left with a GPS program with no maps, which is not exactly useful.. And if you do decide to update, you'd better have a full battery charge and be in a location with fast WiFi, or have unlimited mobile data on your plan and some time to spare, because it takes a while to download the new maps and again, the program is useless until the complete package of maps has been successfully downloaded.. Oh, and while there is an ability to pause and resume downloads, the protocol is not at all robust: I've had many incidents where I've waited hours to download a map set, and it detects a bad transfer of one module and completely resets the download right from the beginning.. That said, once you do have a downloaded set of maps, Mireo does work very well for the most part.. It acquires the GPS signal very quickly (faster than BB maps), it supports TMC live traffic updates, and the user interface is far more friendly (Mireo is designed first and foremost as a GPS navigation app, whereas BB Maps looks like a Maps application with navigation added on as an afterthought (which it probably is)..

    Unfortunately, Mireo seems to use some unique GUI functions to map it's Apple iOS UI to the BlackBerry, and these are functions that BlackBerry seems to tweak with every major release of BB10, so you can expect the "native" version stop working or have graphics glitches with every major release of BB10 until they release an app update (so currently, I'm running 10.3.2 and the BB version of Mireo doesn't work, and they have not released an update yet).. In the mean time, I've brought over my Mireo subscription from my Android device- and it runs virtually identically, except for the back button bar on the bottom of the screen (and the fact that the Android version, paradoxically, seems to be better on battery life vs. the "native" version), so if they don't update the BB10 version (or even if they do) I will probably continue using the Android version instead..

    Mireo is great but not convenient to use! Their maps are not live and you need to consa!ntly download the update map packages at cost for it to work..

    BlackBerry Maps is good,does the job and gets you there accurately!

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    Navifree works offline, interface a bit spartan, has walk turn-by-turn.

    Blackberry maps is built in, only drive, little POI.

    Google Maps has POI, depends on network.

    I kept my old Nokia N8 phone, 5 years old, has free offline maps for the whole world, beats all the above to the dust, so I use that. Sometimes the industry reinvents the wheel and the outcome is a step back.

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    Blackberry maps is a barebone tomtom variant. Traffic routing is the same -best I found so far and same to tomtom satnavs.

    As long as you know where you are going, there is nothing better to use on a BlackBerry. Just my opinion

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    01-20-15 04:59 AM
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