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    Just noticing a lot of moderators are closing with itchy fingers, any pro passport anti google thread that they don't agree with. Users of crackberry should have the right to discuss or promote any anti google pro passport thread if they want to without being censored just because it disagrees with the pro google opinion of the moderators.

    Most passport users have being with blackberry since inception, glorying in the security and privacy it provided and are sad to see it taken away. This active stance to silence any dissension from Blackberrys current anti privacy business model is worrisome.

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    04-16-17 10:19 PM
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    Threads don't get closed If mature, respectful discussion is being had.
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    04-16-17 10:27 PM
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    Do not post complaints about Moderators. Mobile Nations has the highest regard for individuals who volunteer their time to be a Moderator. Every day, our Moderators read through hundreds of threads and posts, and all Moderator decisions are final. We trust any action a Moderator takes will follow our rules & guidelines. Please send a PM to a Moderator if you have questions about any Moderator action.If you have a complaint or issue with a Moderator, please bring it up privately via private message, or send an email or PM to either the Moderator Team Leader, Matt (howarmat) or our Community Manager, James Falconer.
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    04-16-17 10:27 PM

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