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    I'm thinking about purchasing the remainder of the MLB season and was curious if it's possible to watch live games through the browser since the MLB At Bat is not available through the Amazon or BlackBerry App stores. Has anyone had any success viewing games on the Passport?
    Thanks in advance

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    06-22-15 01:15 AM
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    See my posts in this thread from about April 21. With the Flash Browser sideloaded with Sachesi or Chrome, and the strangely named yeah.so file placed in the /device/misc/plugins directory via file manager, you can stream MLB with a subscription, at least on a Passport. I have a link to these files that I think is still good.

    Couple small points. Sign in to MLB before going to video, because for some reason the physical keyboard doesn't work on the sign in screen once the video starts. You'll then have a cookie for future signins. Second, you'll get the option to use the new media app, but you shouldn't take it, apparently.

    It's a bit of work, but CBers shouldn't be daunted.

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    I have to find the appropriate files tgat need to be sideloaded. I'll do that in the morning, if you do want to sideload ofcourse.

    Quoted message is just to confirm that someone got it working in a special browser with a workaround

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    06-22-15 03:52 AM
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    How about this?
    Using snap and getting the Lite version?
    06-22-15 07:00 AM

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