1. TheBirdDog's Avatar
    Has anyone else noticed duplicate messages in their BBM and text messages? I suspect it might be related with the sync to Blend but I am not to sure. It seems to happen when I send a message and then go to another task, when I come back the message is sent but it is still sitting in my "compose" box as if I just retyped it.
    I've noticed this a few times both on my Passport and on my Desktop. Anyone else notice this? I know it's obviously not the biggest issue - especially with how easily I can select text and delete it.

    Posted via my BlackBerry Passport
    10-21-14 07:30 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    does this ever happen with blend not being in use?
    10-28-14 05:24 PM
  3. bspence87's Avatar
    Yes, I think this is a known issue. In the early adopters BlackBerry Beta Zone survey, they asked if you receive duplicate text messages. All of the glitches they asked about had happened once or twice to me

    I received a TELUS update a few days later and most of the problems have stopped.

    Posted via CB10
    10-28-14 06:15 PM
  4. AZN's Avatar
    I am still receiving duplicate text messages after the Telus update. Half of my incoming SMS' come in with a second duplicate text about a minute or two after the initial text.

    via my Canadian Passport
    10-29-14 04:36 AM
  5. presean's Avatar
    I have the same issue on my BlackBerry Passport here in France on SFR, the only way I found to fix it is to disable the delivery confirmation. Check if this workaround works for you guys Cheeers

    Posted from my flawless BlackBerry Passport
    01-24-15 03:45 AM

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