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    I downloaded the Microsoft Band APK and installed it on my PPSE. The app runs on all my phones except for step tracking, but I have never bothered to see if it would sync. Well I just turned on Bluetooth on both devices, PPSE saw the Band2 right away. Accept the pair code and BB10 says it is all paired up. I started up the Band app and it found the Band2 and sync'd the data just like that.
    I can even use it to customize the band colours, no issues. I'm guessing changing the tiles and stuff will work too as it obviously communicates properly with it.

    Initially I set up the Band2 with my Windows Phone 'cause apparently that's what you need to do...now I'm not so sure that's even necessary!

    It already works well with my dedicated heart rate monitor so this is just more bonus! I'll be honest, the Microsoft Band app actually works better on BB10 than on my Android phones.

    Ok so I'm running a dead phone with a dead fitness band originally meant for another dead mobile platform... :-)
    10-05-18 08:15 AM
  2. gravesend60's Avatar
    Thanks for information.
    10-05-18 12:44 PM

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