06-25-14 04:50 PM
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    If they just add some more functionality to docs to go, we might have a winner.

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    Yes, this is crucial!
    06-25-14 02:13 AM
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    If they just add some more functionality to docs to go, we might have a winner.

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    Y E S. Can't agree with this more.

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    06-25-14 06:43 AM
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    The iPad Mini is much better suited for clinical environments. The display is much larger and can be used in landscape orientation with the retina display model having 2048x1536 pixels if needed. It easily fits in a lab coat pocket. Apps? Just about every clinical app you can think of is either iOS compatible if not custom designed for the iPad interface already.

    The base model costs $250 right now which is probably less than half of what a Passport will cost.
    I disagree. I gave my parents each an iPad mini, and although they are great devices, they will not serve the same purpose as the BlackBerry Passport, Z30 or Z50. The Passport will be much more ideal as a lighter, pocketable device that can serve as phone, messaging device, and to visualize reports and scans.

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    06-25-14 08:53 AM
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    Not to mention that ipads can be easily hacked by any high-school kid with a bit of computer knowledge!!

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    06-25-14 09:29 AM
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    One of the most common clinical tablet applications is using Citrix Receiver to emulate a PC-based electronic medical record system. These legacy systems give you a PCA interface complete with tiny click targets, pull-down menus, scroll bars, and input boxes. I've been using this on an iPad for about 4 years now with no hint of a native app interface ever being available. If you know anything about hospital IT systems then you know too be thankful if they even support Citrix.

    The point is that you're gonna need a bigger screen if you actually want to use an EMR because they aren't going to actually support anything other than a notebook computer.

    Regarding security, they just present you with their PC login screen which is about as secure as any wifi browser connection. They don't really care about anything else.
    06-25-14 04:50 PM
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