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    The Fedex man came this morning, and delivered my new Passport. On switching it on, and starting to get set up, it told me it wanted to do a software update. Well, of course, that's always a good thing, right? So of course I said yes, go ahead. It started a "mandatory software update" to Now it's done that. But looking again at the box, the side of the box says it shipped with This seems like a backward step to me.

    I don't yet have a SIM in the phone (need a nano and I have some issues with that, so it may be a few days till I get to use the phone part). So the update wasn't at the behest of any specific phone company. Questions: Where did it come from, and is it really an "update", or will I have to go through it again when I install the SIM and connect to Fido?
    10-21-14 12:22 AM
  2. thurask's Avatar is the software version. The actual OS version is, which is an upgrade. As for where it came from, since I assume you bought directly from BlackBerry, they'll send out software updates. Or, if Fido has something newer (which they do,, your phone will be updated by Fido (but still retain the ability to upgrade from BlackBerry).
    10-21-14 12:38 AM

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