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    Hi All,
    I tried asking these questions in another thread (Passport-PRIV comparison) but didn't get answers to my specific questions, hopefull I'll get answers here.
    I currently have a Z10 on Rogers. It's my first BB as I have had one Android phone (Xperia Arc, a very weak phone) and a whole bunch of Nokia Symbian S60 phones, and a Nokia N9 running MeeGo Harmattan. I loved the N9, the Debian based pure Linux OS was amazing, even if it wasn't too well refined initially. MeeGo enthusiats quickly noticed the similarities in multitasking app management and gesture based UIs between MeeGo Harmattan and BB10. Once MeeGo was unceremoniously killed, the hunt was on for a new platform, and BB10 was it. I chose the Z10 as I felt the Z30 was too big. So I have the following questions:

    1) How is the Passport at running Android apps? Are there any performance or compatibility issues? I'm hoping to run Android Waze and Firefox more than anything else. They both run on the Z10, but FF is a little slow, and Waze is brutally slow. What about Google Play Services? Does it actually work
    2) Where do you put the phone when you are waking around and such? My phone has mostly resided in my front right pocket with my wallet (keys are in the left front pocket, so phone can't go there due to risk of scratches, happened with the N9), and nothing goes in my back pockets because I don't want to crush anything when sitting, plus it would be uncomfortable. The Passport and PRIV seem so big this would be problematic, even with a holster. For a woman, it's likely not an issue with a purse. I like to have my phone on me, not in my tech backpack (mobile IT consultant). Suggestions on how to deal with this?
    3) Is the SE an AT&T exclusive or is it availabe from Rogers and are there any major differences?
    4) Is BB10 worth staying with for now, even with the PRIV out? I really don't like how Android does things, so I'd rather stay as long as I can with BB10 (even if it will be the second mobile OS to be killed while I was a user of it).

    12-21-15 05:41 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    1) Runs the same as your Z10 only faster. It's not as if the system has changed in such a way that app compatibility is better. It's just you have more RAM so the apps are faster and handled better.

    2) Put it in my pocket like every other phone I've owned. Unless you're some skinny jean wearing hipster, it'll be fine.

    3) The Passport SE isn't even available from the places you mentioned, for North America it's a shopBlackBerry only device so uhh.. no differences.

    4) There's nothing wrong with BlackBerry 10, its not as if it's magically going to stop running, though some of native apps haven't been updated in a very long time (Twitter, Facebook) so really it's up to you.
    12-21-15 11:09 PM
  3. JREwing's Avatar
    I have an SE Passport. I put my Passport in my front pocket, and sometimes in my pants pocket. A little bulky in the pants.
    As for apps, my only complaint is the Facebook app. I ended up just linking my FB account and pasting it onto my home page. Not perfect, but better than the BB app. For the rest of my apps, there is really no app that I miss. Some people complain about banking apps, but I bank at small local credit unions, so most of them don't have apps anyhow.
    I love my Passport, and love the BB10 OS. I would get my device from ShopBlackberry since they normally have goodies to offer with your purchase. And I prefer an unlocked device.
    12-22-15 03:09 AM
  4. CpE CKS's Avatar
    I also came from Z10.
    2) side pocket of pants. A bit bulky but not disturbing at all
    4) even if BlackBerry stops updating the OS right now, which is impossible, I guess you'll still be good for another 2yrs of use or until the device gives up.

    Peculiar Odd Weird Efficient Robust. My BlackBerry is POWERful
    12-22-15 03:50 AM
  5. Deadmunny's Avatar
    I came from a Z10, about a month now with my BBPPSE and I use a seidio clip combo as I have done with all my Blackberries and I actually thought it would be bigger.
    Can't really answer about Google stuff as I pretty much never used any app that isn't made for OS10.

    Whatever you use on the Z10 will work twice as fast on the Passport.
    I anticipate this OS will at least work for quite a few years to come, jeez, people still use OS7 devices I still see Bold and Torches here in Jamaica

    Passport SQW100-4
    12-22-15 07:09 PM
  6. Halfberry's Avatar
    I came from a Z10 to Z30 to Passport. Performance wise it's superior and whatever is on your Z10 will be just fine on the Passport.
    What you want to consider is your hand size. Coming from a single handed device you will find it quite an adjustment. Holding it requires a wider hand posture. Much like all physical keyboard devices it requires two hands to use the keyboard. You won't be able to text and drive which is a good thing. You can operate a lot of on screen functions with one hand but not all.
    I personally use a holster because I generally don't like things in my pockets other than my wallet. Yes it makes me look like an old guy, but I'm cool with that since I am an old guy.
    As for us BB10 users, we will be in good company with the likes of POTUS, CIA, CSIS, every major world government, etc, etc, etc. So it will be around for a while. As that other poster said, there are people still using legacy phones.

    Posted via CB10
    12-23-15 11:52 AM
  7. Paraliotis3's Avatar
    Bla1ze. Why they don't even perform a newer OS BlackBerry 11 OS??
    Guys can you tell me if there are any differences between BlackBerry pp and PP SE???
    If it's the same why BlackBerry doesn't even made another designed phone smaller as fast as pp but full touch?? They can't see its a gap between Z 10 z30 to present?? I am a z10 user and I am not considering a passport even though I know it's the best BlackBerry but I need a full touch. Z 30 it is old enough older than a Z 10 so I have no device to buy just another manufacturer is it that hard to understand it there are so big gaps??
    I need a better screen than than this from Z 30 and better camera better ram and a fresh BlackBerry 11 OS that's the way to go forward and not suppress the sales! Make 4 different BlackBerry devices available as a newer Z 10's z 30's newer classic's. Better cameras not just 8 my. Better screen bigger one's smaller ones doesn't matter make BlackBerry phone available in more countries everywhere in shops.

    Posted via CB10
    12-23-15 12:27 PM

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