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    So, I'm very excited to get a new Passport, or i should say i was and then a little less when people were saying it seemed bigger than they had hoped etc etc. I went into a Telus store today to try it and its true, it looked bigger than i thought sitting there but when i picked it up, it just fit! Now i'm excited again!

    A slight disclaimer - i have pretty long hands. I say long because i might not have a crushing handshake but i can definitely get the last chip from the bottom of the pringles can.

    I could, with the right grip, run almost all basic functions of the phone one handed. It seems as though the start points for the side to side swipe to get into the hub or scroll home screens is more centric than my z10 causing me to need to reach less to the far edge of the screen. I could type a basic message since the keyboard is only 3 rows and my thumb, when positioned bottom centre, could reach all keys.

    It is wide, no question, but the rounded back contours fit nicely in relatively tight pants with the screen against my leg... plus the one i stuffed in my pocket still had the security cable attached.

    It likely won't be for everyone and smaller hands will require 2 of them but for me, this is going to be my best phone yet!

    What have others found with one handed use?
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    09-25-14 05:15 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    I think others are managing to use it one handed as well.
    10-02-14 07:26 AM
  3. quorky's Avatar
    its not about whether you "can" use it one handed, but can it effectively be used with one hand, without introducing awkwardness and sacrificing the secure grip..? Yeah, I use it one handed too, but I wouldnt say that this phone "can" be used one handed for effective operation... Its a two handed device, simple as that... some functions can be used effectively with one hand. For example, if I am standing around, lounging, I will use it one handed, but if I am racing down the street and I am staring down at my phone, the one handed operation is not possible, as the risk of dropping the device rises, in a non linear fashion... My 2 cents
    10-02-14 07:43 AM

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