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    I love my Passport, best phone I've ever owned. There is one thing I am perplexed about though. I have the "turn screen on when a new notification arrives" feature on. So my question is, why doesn't the screen come on when I get a notification? It'll work every now and then, but it won't do it for every notification. I thought it was going to be more like an iOS feature where every single notification would turn the screen on.

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    04-10-15 09:57 PM
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    What OS version? Have you done hard reset after your last OS update?
    With PassportSQW100-1/ I've got no problem with notifications.
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    04-10-15 09:59 PM
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    04-10-15 10:02 PM
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    The screen won't come on if the phone is vertical in a charging pod or cradle.

    Disappoints me too.

    Almost always works when the phone is horizontal. The OS must be set up that way on purpose, doesn't make any sense.

    Passport OS
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    04-10-15 11:54 PM

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