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    I got passport four days ago. This phone is absolutely what I want.
    Touch enabled keyboard is awesome but it's not always working. In some software such as wechat, I can't scroll with keyboard. I also noticed that my passport keyboard is more sensitive on the left half part. Double-tapping on keyboard to move cursor is not always sensitive as expected but I found that double tapping on "D" works very well. I seldom use swiping to select word because It's really easy to swipe to minimize the app. I hope that blackberry can make the punctuation line customizable. The default punctuation for Chinese input is not suitable for common use. Comma should be added to the line because it's commonly used in Chinese.
    About apps, yes, blackberry doesn't have so many apps as android does. But BlackBerry is for business and for getting things down instead of entertainment. BlackBerry native apps are really stable and smooth. When I used nexus 5, some apps including Google apps can stop unreasonably. That made me frustrated and escaped away from android phone.
    Why not choose iPhone? I agree that apple makes the best phone in the world. But I don't want my phone always connected to cloud service. Remember that icloud was hacked by someone?
    BlackBerry passport is a great phone for me. However, BlackBerry still needs more effort to attract developers. Hope it gets better in the future

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    01-30-15 07:44 PM
  2. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Glad you're liking it. Most people do who have one
    01-31-15 08:34 AM
  3. davinci4real's Avatar
    It's an awesome device! You're gonna love it...and keep loving it. Can't wait for os 10.3.1

    Via The Passport.
    01-31-15 10:03 AM
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    Can't wait for os 10.3.1
    Then don't wait, load the latest leak !!!

    01-31-15 10:07 AM
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    What OS version do you have? Not all apps are supporting the keyboard of the Passport. The sensitivity issue is new to me. I noticed that some older OS versions have been off with the physical keyboard of the Passport.

    Overall I would not move to any other OS....

    iCloud has not been hacked. This is the inherent problem of weak authentication (just user name and password) instead of using the 2 factor authentication.

    The iOS platform is very nice, yet missing a lot of functionality in my opinion.

    Currently the best compromise between

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    01-31-15 11:02 AM

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