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    1 Note

    The first thing I'd like to mention is that I'm german and my englisch might not be the best. So please be forbearing. That's all...

    2 Introduction

    A couple months ago I saw the BlackBerry Passport in the internet and was amazed by that touch keyboard.
    But what has actually been the reason to buy the Passport was the screen. A square screen is what people who wanna to do work want. We don't want those 16:9 screens! Have you ever been trying to program or write letters on a 16:9 screen? Try a 4:3 ratio (If people still can remember those big CRT screens). Those days everything was fine. But then the movies came and threw those horrible wide screens in the market.
    To all those engineers out there: There are people who don't play games and watch movies on the computer. And if we do we are good with a 4:3 ratio and the black bars. Or we buy a television. We can handle this. But what we can't handle and don't want to, is scrolling and having less overview. Yes of course I know a 4:3 notebook doesn't fit the bag very well. But please give me back that 16:10 ratio (still owning an old one) or invent something between 16:9 and 4:3. Even surfing the web isn't much fun with a wide screen. Most web pages are vertically designed. Open Google search results on a full HD screen. What do you see? I have to mention do not use any zooming. Open crackberry on a full HD screen. Oh yeah there is so much wasted space. Google shows 5 results and sooooo many empty white space to the right. Crackberry got black bars to the left and the right. Together they are greater than the main content in width. This means more than a half of the screen is useless. There is no information. Sometimes you'll see some useless background pictures or annoying ads... And the main content is so tiny!
    So of course some people are clever and put the standard zooming level in Chrome to about 175%(Between Firefox isn't able to deal with this as good as chrome). That's a pretty good idea. I am doing the same with my 16:9 full HD. But what happens? You are only able to see a small horizontal section of the really important (as mentioned above) content. It is the same with office and IDEs (programming). Less lines of code or written letters. No real overview.
    For anybody who feels the same way google for EIZO (EIZO FlexScan EV2730Q). Don't give your money to any other computer screen manufacturer. Wasted money. EIZO is the BlackBerry in computer screen manufacturing! I am not sure who realized this first. It doesn't even matter because they just do it. That's what we want. A company that does the job well.

    So this is the point where we are going to start talking about the Passport. I know it's been a long way so far. But what's a story without a good introduction.

    3 The experience

    If you are still reading the article and wanna go on I am very happy.
    Mobile phones... these tiny (more the less) computers which we all like that much. How much time do you spend watching the screen per day? For many people more than using a notebook or a desktop (except you use a comp at work). I think right now you can imagine whats up to the Passport. When the screen is scaled down to a hand size the problem is very close to the explained one above. It is just rotated by 90 degrees. Web pages are that tiny (we are talking about non mobile ones). And the sad thing is that you have to share that shiny glowing screen with your keyboard. Oh yeah writing messages in landscape mode is so much fun^^ isn't it? What did your partner wrote? Oops my keyboard pops on top of the whole (most of the whole. I know!) screen. I think right here we are done with the Passport screen. You all know the BB Passport screen is beautiful.

    So let's talk about BlackBerry OS ( Before I decided to buy the Passport I wasn't really sure if I want BB OS. Never used it and never seen it in real life. And I don't want to bother you with what I did to make the decision to buy it. I am going to tell you a scenario what everybody of you experience every day.

    I am talking about MULTITASKING. Forget Android and forget Iphone. Blackberry got it! Real multitasking. Not just running apps which stay alive in the background. BB also took this to the next level. They way multitasking should be done. This comes also to the operation of switching between Apps and especially message services. Remember it is actually a phone, isn't it? Or do you use your phone without a sim card? I don't think so. So messaging and the accessibility of your massages is the most important to a smart phone, mobile phone, phablet or whatever you wanna call it.
    So what's the average user scenario? You are receiving SMS, whatsapp, facebook chat or whatever messages. Meanwhile you are sitting anywhere and maybe listening to music (for example in the bus/ tram) and maybe you feel like playing a game on your little device.

    A) Android
    - music is played, you're playing a game
    - one message pops in
    - you press the home button for a couple (2 I guess) secs and reach the (what's it called? Recently used apps screen? Isn't it?)
    - swipe the top bar down and tap the message. Android jumps to the associated app
    - once you are done with messaging hold the home key again and jump by pressing back to the game
    - another message from another app comes in and you have to do the same and android also open the associated app...
    - just at the moment you are in - let's say whatsapp you are messaged in facebook
    - you press the home button for a couple secs and reach the...

    Have you ever been trying to do quick parallel chatting in Android in different Apps?
    That's doesn't make fun. It is awful!

    B) BlackBerry 10.3

    - music is played, you're playing a game
    - one message pops in
    - swipe from bottom to the right screen border (it does not matter if you perform a straight line, a right angle or a quarter circle... just from bottom to the right border)
    - there you are in the HUB (I think I don't have to say much about the HUB)
    - If you wanna jump back to your game one swipe from the bottom to the center and tap your app

    And while you are doing this you decide to surf the www But once you minimize the internet browser and go to your game or massaging you'll get a really nice surprise as soon as you reopen the internet browser. The browser reloads the web page. Whats that? Your intelligent Android OS decided to free your browser's RAM in prevention of not going to run out of memory. If you are not the owner of an expensive Android phone with good hardware this will happen pretty soon.

    On my BB Passport I am running 22 web pages right now. I am online in facebook, listening to music in the internet (stock) browser. Playing a game. Writing this text. And some other useless stuff like looking something up in BBworld (still opened).
    Between did you realize that whatever music or video web service you use (soundcloud, 8tracks, youtube, even internet radio stream in the browser) you can simply stop and continue playing by pressing BB assistant key? I just thought are you kidding me BlackBerry? You can even see the title and skip back- and forwards in the online media service. BB OS shows the media in a small bar even if you run a game. This is godlike. You do not need an app anymore.

    4 Conclusion

    I have never used an Iphone. But I have seen people using it and been told about it. I think an Iphone can't do this. An Android also can't. Did you know that there is a limited Tab amount in Android internet browsers. I wanna see you running 22 web pages on Android and all the parallel stuff.
    If I see people hanging around with a smart phone (never seen another passport in the wild) and they start to anger at their phone ask for help in anything (phone stuff not working) I sit there relaxed and smile. Knowing my passport fits. It just fits.

    So what to say:

    If an Android is a top model and an Iphone a super model, then THE PASSPORT IS THE CUTE, CLASSY AND ELEGANT GIRL NEXT DOOR. Who do you pick?
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