1. u4ria's Avatar
    Running unlocked Passport SQW100-1 /

    Not sure why this started happening, but it started 2 nights ago. In the past, when I put my phone into bedside mode, the LED would be disabled and no notifications would come through whenever I received any new type of messages. The only thing that would happen is the phone would ring if I received a phone call. This is exactly how bedside mode should work.

    However, in the past two days, whenever I put the phone into bedside mode, the LED flashes whenever a new BBM or Text message arrives. I have customized the LED colour for specific contacts and they're all coming through even though the phone is in bedside mode. I've checked the settings for bedside mode and all alerts are disabled. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? If so, do you have any solution?
    08-06-15 11:05 AM
  2. drano's Avatar
    I get the same, but noticed they are from priority contacts and custom led contacts. No led for general emails or texts etc
    08-06-15 12:15 PM

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