11-18-14 04:35 PM
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    I have a z10 & a Z30. I would have ordered a Passport on September 24th for my birthday present to myself but they only had black. I am waiting for a white one. I don't really understand why the white one wasn't available on launch or at LEAST have been able to pre-order it. It's almost 2 months and it seems they don't want my money. Grrrr.
    I hope when they tested the phones- especially the white one it resisted food and makeup smears- seriously. Don't want to report any staining like the iphone #dyegate - haha!
    For all of this crap about Prosumers I think BB is missing the untapped professional women's market in term so their device colour choice & accessories. I am not asking for pastel colours but there are professional looking colours other than blank and white. It would be great to see them SPECIFICALLY going after professional women and offering more practical accessories especially since more women are graduating ahead of men in those professions they are targeting. Would be nice if they could also find some qualified women senior executives too :-)
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    11-18-14 04:35 PM
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