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    Hi there.

    I can't connect to my workplace as my BB does not have a non EAP IPSEC gatway type.

    I have:
    host name,
    user name,
    IPSEC pre shared key

    But the only way my bb allows me to use ipsec without any certificates is if I select Generik IKEv2 server, and I am forced to select EAP-MSCHAPv2
    Other options like PKI needs certificate.

    I have tested this on windows, and it does not work with EAP.

    I can select either of password transmission protocols: PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAPv2, but not over EAP!!
    In essence I have to select option 2 in windows VPN options and either of 3 checkboxes.

    Is there really no way to accomplish this on BB? Android supports it out of the box. You just select L2TP/ipsec, enter PSK, try to connect and enter your credentials when asked - and bang - it works.

    I have tried every possible app on play store (yes I am using cobalt's google stuff), even tried going into google settings and trying to set up a vpn there, but it does not even try to connect.

    Is this a lost case? BBOS 10.3
    Attached Thumbnails L2TP/IPSEC without EAP - is it really impossible?-vpn.png  
    05-04-16 01:17 AM

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