09-11-15 12:26 AM
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    You've never even picked up the iPad Pro, so you have no idea how it functions in terms of productivity or stylus accuracy.

    Are you referring to the iPad Pro's stylus here? Because according to Apple, it will get 12 hours on a full charge, and 15 seconds (not 15 minutes) of charging will give you 30 minutes of use.

    99% less functionality? Care to quantify that? I'm not saying the iPad Pro is as powerful or functional as a Surface, but 1% as functional is stretching so far, I'm surprised your arms and legs didn't rip right off your torso.
    Thanks for pointing this out. Yeah 12 hours of use isn't bad, and 15 second charge for 30 minutes of use isn't bad either. Still, would be nice if it didn't require a charge at all.

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    09-10-15 11:48 PM
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    I saw the Apple show and, for the first time ever, I wanted everything I saw. Okay, maybe not the watch so much, maybe 50%. Everything else is a VERY solid winner from what I could see.

    Definitely upgrading to the iPhone 6S+ with the preorder this weekend, but Ill keep the Z30 around, too. Now, where is that Slider???
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    09-11-15 12:26 AM
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