1. alphadash0's Avatar
    So after using the passport for a while now I wonder if there's a way to use the keyboard as a trackpad like the one on the classic. I know scrolling is the standard function but I could imagine scrolling through contact and menu items. The spacebar could be used as the click when you are not in the text edit mode. I would love to hear blackberry making this possible.

    What do you think?

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    02-23-15 12:49 AM
  2. greatwiseone's Avatar
    I think that's what some people (including myself) want....it's definitely not in 10.3.1...not sure if it will ever happen, but would make the passport even better....
    02-23-15 12:51 AM
  3. alphadash0's Avatar
    From the developers view is not a big thing to make this happen. -.- maybe it is just a matter of time.

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    02-23-15 01:02 AM
  4. anischab's Avatar
    Your Idea with the space bar is not bad at all, but the whole Keyboad as trackpad and "Enter" the confirmation "click" is a good alternative. We just need the menues and content like HUB or contacts be scrollable line by line, which is not at the moment (we just scroll by reading the screen, like a web page/reader page)

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    02-23-15 01:11 AM
  5. klobb's Avatar
    Yes BlackBerry should start implement this feature step by step. First start with home screen and by double tab activate the trackpad and you can select the icons and active frames.

    Overall is not so complicated.

    02-23-15 02:00 AM
  6. tomh235's Avatar
    Yes, Yes, Yes! would love this. let me put in a vote for a mouse pointer in the browser too!
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    02-23-15 03:30 AM
  7. TheBond's Avatar
    Yeah that would be awesome to have

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    02-23-15 03:41 AM
  8. whenever's Avatar
    Thank you for restating my post of a month ago

    02-23-15 07:07 AM
  9. TheBirdDog's Avatar
    I'd also love to see a way to edit text without needed to touch the on screen buttons. A way to 'cut, copy, and paste' with keyboard shortcuts. Perhaps just a 'shift + x,c, or v' would do the trick!

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    02-23-15 07:11 AM
  10. TheBond's Avatar
    I think having the keyboard as trackpad will also improve one handed operation.

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    02-23-15 07:26 AM
  11. alphadash0's Avatar
    Seems like a lot people would love this feature. I hope one of the blackberry guys reads this and gets inspired. This would be epic.

    And sorry for the repost, I sure should have used the search form :-/

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    02-24-15 01:46 AM
  12. whenever's Avatar
    No apologies necessary. I was happy to see it, I just wanted to add to the voice.

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    02-24-15 06:30 AM

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