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    I am wearing out the second keyboard on my Q10 which has started to "double type" again. I hesitate to buy another BB with a keyboard but from my understanding the Passport is built by a different company. What is your impression of the keyboard? Will this one last or will it start to double type like so many Q-10's are doing? How is the feel compared to the Q10? Does anyone know if the keyboard construction is any different?
    11-07-14 06:13 PM
  2. kwakster928's Avatar
    Keyboard has a nice feel to it. Tactile response is spot on as well. But I don't think you will be typing any faster than you did on q10 or the bold, especially when you have to type in a lot of numbers and punctuations.

    The keyboard has a bit of learning curve and you will get used to the new layout in weeks time. With the combination of word prediction and gestures, I can type pretty long emails without too much problem.

    I find that I can type a lot more accurately than the q10 but nut as fast as I did before.

    I typed this response without looking at the keyboard. You can do it. But don't expect 60 words per minute you may have enjoyed in the q10 or the bold.

    Posted via CB10
    11-07-14 07:50 PM

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