01-21-15 05:09 PM
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  1. Marauder2's Avatar
    What's everyone's impressions regarding the screen quality? My friend has a Nexus 5 and the screen (colours, sharpness) just look great and my Z30 screen isn't as nice. I read the Passport has a good PPI but how is it really?
    01-20-15 11:05 AM
  2. jvictor77's Avatar
    For my tired old eyes, absolutely first class!

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    01-20-15 11:34 AM
  3. Smokeaire's Avatar
    The screen quality is a lot nicer than my Note2, it doesn't use as much juice and is readable in daylight even with the screen dimmed.

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    01-20-15 11:39 AM
  4. scottyg888's Avatar
    Got mine yesterday after 5 years of iphones. I took a leap of faith and it's awesome. Actually typing on it now. New to the world of BlackBerry but happy I made the change. Very slick device, great feel and design. Today at work the guys were all interested in the phone and commented on how different it is. It's nice to feel unique again!

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    01-20-15 12:22 PM
  5. GLTruesdale's Avatar
    Also switching from an iPhone 6 plus. I'll have mine Wednesday.
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    01-20-15 01:40 PM
  6. Viet Ton's Avatar
    My Passport arrived yesterday so I guess I would give a quick summary of my experience with it so far

    Well, to sum up, it's been great (with some hiccups here and there) but overall it's very solid. The screen is superb (and I can confirm this). The keyboard is probably great (because I haven't had the time to get used to it yet, I'm still pressed Z when I want to use the shift key) but the keyboard is made with quality. It feels great in my hand, not too heavy, not to wide (I guess because I'm a big guy and all). I have put it on because that's how I roll and it's awesome. And I cannot shut up when I told my friends about the screen but I guess I will shut up now!!

    However, there's some issues I'm noticing, not with the Passport but with the accessories that I received.

    First is the charger, I've read many threads on CB on the charging issue and it seems that everybody's charger provides a current of around 1300 mA while on my charger it says 5V-750 mA ? I guess that it's weird for a device that has a 3450mAh battery, right? Even my Q10 has a charger that gives out 850mA. It took like an hour to get from 75% to 100% on the Passport (very logical with my charger but that is way too long)

    Second issue I have is with the screen protector, I can't find a decent one here in the UK (every screen protector I've encountered is undersized. It doesn't cover the whole screen (well, yes, it covers the whole "screen" but the bezel is not covered so ... no?)

    Third issue is probably my fault. When I try to put my PP into the hard shell, I somehow bent the shell and now it's a bit loose lol.

    And that's it, I'm selling my Q10 guys It's a hard feeling to part way with such a good phone (I was so in love with it I bought it a bunch of cases just to be flexible lol).
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    01-21-15 02:25 PM
  7. ruben1975's Avatar
    No issues. It's an amazing phone. It's different and that is great. And it's form makes all sense. Within a few days you never want to go back to the candybar style phones.

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    01-21-15 02:31 PM
  8. Viet Ton's Avatar
    No issues. It's an amazing phone. It's different and that is great. And it's form makes all sense. Within a few days you never want to go back to the candybar style phones.

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    May I ask what's your charger? Is it 750mA like mine or some other thing?
    01-21-15 02:39 PM
  9. ruben1975's Avatar
    May I ask what's your charger? Is it 750mA like mine or some other thing?
    1300ma, EU charger

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    01-21-15 04:22 PM
  10. Carjackd's Avatar
    Welcome to Team Passport!

    Executive Producer of a Bunch of Losers for a BBM Group that doesn't Exist via My Passport
    01-21-15 04:24 PM
  11. KGreater's Avatar
    Best of luck to the new or soon to be owners of the Passports in this thread. I've had my red PP since December and I can't get enough! It's not as big and bulky as reviews made it out to be, and it performs quite well!!

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    01-21-15 04:47 PM
  12. Overlake's Avatar
    I did the same. Used it for a day and it's on its way back to amazon.

    Things I liked

    -Screen quality is where it should be. As good as any Apple device (currently use a 6).
    -Snappy/speedy/powerful unlike the Classic which is noticeably slower and it's not forgivable.
    -Keyboard button feel and action is best I've felt since Q10 (Classic is plasticky and tougher to press)
    -Stereo speakers are great and something Apple needs to consider
    -No toolbelt. BB10 doesn't need it. In fact, it clutters it up.

    Things I can't grow to like
    -Form factor is just unwieldy. Needs to be as thin as the iphone 6, but I understand it'll come at the cost of batt life and durability.
    -Awkward keyboard layout. They need to go back to the traditional 4 row layout with regular spacebar.

    I don't think the next iteration of the passport (should it even exist) will feature the same design. It's a mistake. You can type more accurately and freely with the traditional BB keyboard layout. They messed with a good thing just to get that big attn grabbing diff square slab out there.

    I miss the Q10 honestly.
    01-21-15 05:09 PM
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