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    Was at the local Subway waiting for the wife to get a sandwich and was cruising BlackBerry world and came across the work wide app and decided that I just needed that app(especially since it will be going up in price in short time). After playing with 'Work Wide' for a couple of minutes I thought I should look at 'Web Splitter'(I had not launched it since getting the Passport). I Launched 'Web Splitter' and it was a real joy to use. I immediately started on Ebay knowing that a family member wants a new toy and the 'Powermode' in 'Web Splitter' was perfect for the passport. I really am touching my computer less and less these days now that I've got this workhorse of a phone.

    I'll do a rediscover later for a different app, TTYL

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    04-19-15 07:58 PM
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    I apologize for the misspelled app name in the title. Must be the Avery Brew kicking in

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    04-19-15 08:00 PM
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    They just need to do this for email, one side is hub email and other side any other app like web browser or even better another email. how amazing would it be if we could have two emails side by side for copy/paste/etc..
    04-19-15 11:45 PM

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