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    So after using the truly beautiful, lightweight, and modern iPhone 6s in a honey-brown leather Apple case for a week, I'm going to return it.

    I love the size, the fingerprint reader, the camera and its understated design, FaceTime with friends, iMessage, NightShift, and even the Lightning port. This doesn't feel like a piece of technology in the leather case: rather an already well-worn old friend...but only while it's switched off.

    iOS is such a mess, especially multitasking. I'm less productive, far less aware, and actually playing video games now. And the speakerphone is unusable to me in all but the quietest conditions. I have to put the phone against my head for every call. And the svelte makes it easy to pocket.

    Now...do I want a pocketable phone that fits into my life so easily? Call me crazy, but after doing some radiation research, I'm choosing to ere on the side of caution for the next few years. I want a phone that I won't be placing in my pocket or against my headAnd the Passport SE has the best speakerphone around (I'd have grabbed a Priv if it's speakerphone were better).

    Anyway, I'm going all in on BB10 again. Maybe only until the Rome; we'll see. I just wish I had gotten a better deal. Somewhere closer to 420 rather than 480 would have sat better with me.

    Does anyone have a lead on a nice leather pouch for the SE? Something in honey brown?
    04-26-16 01:53 PM
  2. Mark bb10's Avatar
    Try these got one for mine really good and good customer service if needed http://www.stilgut.com/products/blac...ilver-edition/

    Posted via my magical Passport, keeping the dream alive Scotland Aye!
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    04-26-16 01:59 PM

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