1. BURZIN's Avatar
    Guys just got a new PP SE any correct advice on the protection part(covers).
    Secondly could u all post pics of which covers your using it would be super awesome. Thnx

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    12-11-15 09:36 AM
  2. akavbb's Avatar
    For me it's the flex case. Welcome onboard!!!

    Nothing like my SE.
    12-11-15 09:57 AM
  3. KhalidAznawi's Avatar
    Just got a brand new PP SE-img-20151210-wa007.jpg
    I'm using hard flex shell, as well as black & clear iMak back cover.

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    12-11-15 10:06 AM
  4. anon(5986148)'s Avatar

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    12-11-15 10:08 AM
  5. Stomps01's Avatar
    Hard flex shell. I love the feel of it. Have tempered glass screen protectors coming. The phone still fits in the Reiko belt holster with the case on it which is a plus.

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    12-11-15 10:44 AM
  6. ma678's Avatar
    Seidio Surface case and holster plus glass screen protector.

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    12-11-15 10:55 AM
  7. BURZIN's Avatar
    For me it's the flex case. Welcome onboard!!!

    Nothing like my SE.
    Thanks bro

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    12-11-15 10:58 AM
  8. DJBS4LIFE's Avatar
    Just using a nice clear gel case.
    Just got a brand new PP SE-photostudio_1446574297637.jpg

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    12-11-15 11:17 AM
  9. Genti Xhaferraj's Avatar

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    12-11-15 12:46 PM
  10. dave gomez's Avatar
    I also use no case on my SE I feel like it's designed with one on it already! My other OG pp I have a few cases but usually leave them at home! Right now I'm using my black pp and thinking of getting a skin so the back won't look so smudged up!

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    12-11-15 01:16 PM
  11. Narhim's Avatar
    Display cover - tempered glass from seido vitreo.
    Else it's naked...
    Enjoy the great smartphone!

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    12-11-15 01:54 PM
  12. bullnuke7532's Avatar
    Using the BlackBerry flex case here!

    Posted with my beautiful Passport SE
    12-11-15 01:59 PM
  13. LoneStarRed's Avatar
    Stilgut flip case usually for me and. I have two TPU cases inbound.

    "I don't think that word means what you think it means."

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    12-11-15 02:05 PM
  14. byex's Avatar
    The Seido tempered glass screen protector is awesome. Highly recommended. This thing rarely gets any fingerprint smudges. Looks claen and clear almost all day.
    Picked mine up from crackberry shop.

    Posted via CB10
    12-11-15 02:26 PM
  15. LoneStarRed's Avatar
    My Mr. Shield tempered glass cover smudges.

    "I don't think that word means what you think it means."
    12-11-15 04:12 PM
  16. Deadmunny's Avatar
    Seidio surface....i would post pic, but I have posted same picture 3 times already on similar threads :-)

    Passport SQW100-4
    12-11-15 04:15 PM
  17. pilot-leo's Avatar
    Just using a nice clear gel case.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	photostudio_1446574297637.jpg 
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Size:	48.1 KB 
ID:	383972

    BBM Channel: C0001F285
    Where did you purchase this case? You have a link to the store or listing?
    12-12-15 10:55 PM
  18. DJBS4LIFE's Avatar
    Where did you purchase this case? You have a link to the store or listing?
    I purchased the case on Amazon. Here you go.. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B015C...UvbUpU12146422

    BBM Channel: C0001F285
    12-13-15 02:47 AM
  19. 2much2think's Avatar
    Tetded leather case from Amazon that I mentioned earlier. It's doing a stellar job protecting my SE

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    Attached Thumbnails Just got a brand new PP SE-25862.jpg  
    12-13-15 03:35 AM

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