1. westyweekend's Avatar
    I just got my Passport se from Amazon Prime deal. I've had a few BB phones, and like my Z30 a lot, and this Passport se is pretty nice. I like the pkb, and swiping from it. I do need to find a proper case for it.
    So far the most interesting comment I got was that, from the back, it looks like a whiskey flask. I can see the similarities in the shape of a flask and my se Passport.
    Happy with my BB flask phone.Just bought a BlackBerry Flask phone.-gifts-flask-hip-leather.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Just bought a BlackBerry Flask phone.-blackberry-passport-se-back-on_0.jpg  
    07-16-16 04:19 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    glad you're enjoying the phone!
    07-16-16 04:33 PM

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