1. anon(9175377)'s Avatar
    Hi! Ever since I've been using a PP, I've been experiencing a problem with the notification star. Everything works fine for the first few weeks after I've bought the PP, then the notification star starts vanishing precisely 30 mns after I get the message or mail, even if I haven't checked it. I've had two PP and the same problem has occurred on both phones. No factory reset has solved the problem. Is any PP user experiencing the same problem ?
    10-04-15 02:06 PM
  2. ckch's Avatar
    What os version are you on?if you swip into hub. The red splat disappears aswell.

    Posted via The OG Passport
    10-04-15 02:14 PM
  3. anon(9175377)'s Avatar
    The problem is, it disappears without my doing anything except checking my new notifications (on/off button for instance), so all the unread messages are there but without the red star icon, which should be the case until I do the swipe up. My wife's got a Q10 and it works just fine.
    10-04-15 03:48 PM

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