Hello everyone, my phone was recently exposed to damp conditions, (AC/DC concert, constant drizzle, phone in pocket), tried typing in my password to access it but to no avail. (searched these forums and found the "rice trick" , didn't work.) I took it into service at one of the "Cell Phone Repair" franchises; after waiting a few weeks for a back ordered keyboard, this particular keyboard didn't work, so I'm waiting for another. They mentioned that there is a possibility that the motherboard could be the issue, I'm not sure how the motherboard could be the issue, because the phone works otherwise, i can take calls and still use Blackberry Hub. One intriguing fact is that I can still "swipe" the keyboard and it will erase characters on the password field; so I believe it is just the keyboard, and what they got was a defective keyboard. So sorry for the long post, but have you fine folks had any similar issues or recommendations? Thank you!
    10-09-15 06:06 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    You might need to ask BlackBerry if they have an authorized agent in your country?
    10-16-15 02:15 AM

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