1. MissyRB's Avatar
    Since the new version of Instagram got rid of the map I kept the old version for a while, I finally decided to update it to the newest version and it was fine until I closed the app for the first time. Then when I went back on it it would freeze straight after loading and would not work at all. I deleted the app and tried to download an old version APK but it would say I have a newer version and need to delete that before I could install the old version but I already had deleted it. I restarted my phone and tried to install the older version again but still the same message.

    I found online that app on BB World for Android Runtime was supposed to work, so I downloaded it and restarted my device like it said but again that same message appeared that I still had the newer version.

    Right now, I have reinstalled the newest version again and tried a few things and found that if I log out after each use then it would not crash. For now that is okay but it's not practical because if by force of habit I just close the app without logging out, then I will need to deleted and reinstall the app all over again.

    Any help?
    01-03-17 10:41 AM
  2. TommyBB's Avatar
    There is no formal IG app for BB10. Sell it and move to an iOS device or one of the newest BlackDroid/GoogleBerry devices available (Priv, DTEK50/60 and coming soon Mercury).
    01-03-17 01:22 PM
  3. stefanbechen's Avatar
    Or use iGrann and stay a happy BB10 user

    Posted via CB rocking a Passport SE
    01-03-17 02:52 PM
  4. andy957's Avatar
    Or use iGrann and stay a happy BB10 user

    Posted via CB rocking a Passport SE
    FWIW I use iGrann and it's a good solution if you're staying on BB10.
    01-03-17 08:43 PM
  5. iamrauu's Avatar
    which version of IG are you using?
    04-03-17 09:17 PM
  6. ryder55's Avatar
    04-03-17 09:22 PM

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