07-16-14 08:11 AM
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    You guys (and, I guess, I'm included) have too much time on your hands. You're debating and insulting each other over a phone that has little concrete information released. Speculative arguments amount to little more than masturbation.

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    Now that I think about it, they messed up without the alt key, maybe if you could swipe and the keys go from letters to numbers and symbols that would be more efficient, just a swipe then the numbers symbols show on the keyboard. After playing around with my Q5 and Z30 I can see blackberry put themself in another jam, I love blackberry but i think there playing to much. They needa keep stuff that makes sence. Its annoying and all touch to change menus to get an apostrophe, and its annoying on a physical keyboard to get emoticons and sometimes symbols in my opinion. Its looking like a jam right now cause I wont be able to easily access even a period on the keyboard which is extremely fluid even on my z30 the periods right there but now it seems were missing a little here and there with are hybrid device, either way the passport is beautiful and a dream come true so I'll be picking one up and alternating between my z30 and passport. Keeping the faith over here, the gesture keyboard is a true innovation bb10 is looking like a bigger innovation itself. A gesture based keyboard is BIG like we still use keyboards in everyday life on computers, laptops everything. Imagine a touch keyboard laptop versus using the touch keypad on windows 8 which if you have a windows 8 system without a touch screen you'll understand the annoying experience, I think with this innovation they should make a fully gesture based laptop and I'm buying 20.....enough rambling though I just heart BB...

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    07-15-14 09:12 AM
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    Windows 8 metro is annoying even with touchscreen and worse with just a mouse... windows 8 is best with classic startmenu installed and boot to desktop turned on and you never think of metro again.

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    07-16-14 08:11 AM
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