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    I got one on ebay, just a rubber s case style for like $4, not the best but works and protects the phone fine. They come from China however and take like 2 weeks....i ordered before I purchased the passport, so it arrived on time
    Info on blackberry passport case?-img_20141004_170146.jpg

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    Ya, I was disappointed. The initial unboxing videos posted on YT showed a larger box with more accessories, then I noticed ones that were done later, and no such luck....

    I bought the one that was shown in the VIP boxes. Hard Case shell. Was ripped off. Got them at Telus. Only one they are carrying right now and in fact the only place you could actually buy one. Best Buy, Rogers, Bell, Future Shop, all have nothing.....

    $40 freaking dollars for a piece of plastic.....at least a screensaver was included.....

    will definitely get the leather flip folio once available.....
    Waiting on mine still. Cost me 35pounds delivered from BlackBerry store uk. Tried cancelling the order from them as they didn't ship it for like 4days,replied back saying it's been shipped out. Still not got it yet. Nor will they cancel the order that's like 55dollars!

    Pre ordered the leather tan case and also gna get ones from noreve and vaja once they made.

    Just hope they come with sleeper magnets!

    Nothing else available, the cheap tpu ones are still pre order.

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