01-02-15 02:25 PM
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  1. dale-c's Avatar
    So I would think this should work:
    Do a complete backup.
    Wipe the phone without a SiM
    Do all updates
    Restore data and sim.

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    01-02-15 11:45 AM
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    i purchased a passport from rogers for $750 only to go home and find out blackberry.com was selling them for $599. I ordered it off blackberry and returned it to rogers. way to go Rogers, Canadian co who doesn't care about other Canadian companies
    01-02-15 11:48 AM
  3. dale-c's Avatar
    AT&T does that in the US as well. I think the reason is two fold.
    First when they sell it to you on contract, it looks like a better deal.
    Second, if you break one and have to replace it they take advantage of that and charge you more. I suppose it helps them sell insurance on the device as well.

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    01-02-15 12:16 PM
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    I don't question your knowledge in the area but it hasn't been my experience... I got a Z30 from Telus about a year ago, unlocked immediately... at start up I would see the T-MOBILE logo, don't remember any bloatware on it... now, with my PP, bought it factory unlocked directly from BlackBerry, no T-MOBILE logo after startup and I don't have any bloatware at all...

    I've said it before and I will say it again: as soon as you enter any carrier SIM card it will "register" your device to their network and you will no longer receive updates directly from BlackBerry.
    It will also download any carrier related 'bloat' as soon as you do this, like apps or their boot logos.

    Removing your SIM temporarily won't work, because your phone will still have whatever carrier data your carrier provides and you will still depend on them for new OS updates. I have not seen anyone here mention a way to get around this.

    If you do receive new updates immediately from a carrier that doesn't carry your device, it just means they don't test it and push it through as soon as BlackBerry releases it. In other cases you will still need to wait for them to finish testing it.

    The only real benefit from buying an unlocked device is easier carrier switching, and most likely it is a bit less expensive in the end.
    Source: tested myself several times.
    - new phone, never SIM connected: update was available immediately OTA and through BBLink.
    - SIM connected once (then removed for testing): the same update no longer showed as available. Only after a week or so carrier started pushing out the same update.

    BlackBerry Passport signed @ C0007CC89

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    01-02-15 02:25 PM
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