04-02-17 03:56 PM
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  1. elfabio80's Avatar
    I would have been using a Q10 or a Leap!!

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    06-02-16 02:30 AM
  2. coffeeaddict305's Avatar
    I would've chosen a Nexus 6P. It will work well with my Pebble Time watch.

     P A S S P O R T 
    06-02-16 03:44 AM
  3. frankie_24's Avatar
    I would be using a Passport too
    06-02-16 04:22 AM
  4. jackcarr's Avatar
    Classic or Priv.

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    06-02-16 05:48 AM
  5. anon(3983727)'s Avatar
    I switched from Verizon to AT&T just for the passport as an upgrade from my Z10. If there was no passport i would probably have gotten a used/sale Z30. At the time I was thinking there might be more to come from Blackberry. If I had known there would be no more BB10 devices and no Passport, I would have just kept my Z10 until it died then reluctantly go iPhone.
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    06-02-16 06:37 AM
  6. JG_Agustin's Avatar
    True...but that's not exactly the same thing as having/using two (or more) personal phones. I personally understand when people have a company-issued phone and a personal phone. But to buy two or more personal phones and interchange each phone with one SIM card (especially if you're not in a country that allows SIM cards for each phone, which of course, is the case in the US)...that seems like a pain to go back and forth. If it's just to get apps that you can't get on your handset, wouldn't it be better to buy a small tablet instead? Seriously -- I'm not trying to offend anyone; just genuinely curious why some people use two or more personal phones at the same time...
    I have two personal phone lines: A main "official" line for work and people I regularly have close contact with (family and friends); and a second line which I use to sell stuff online, where I require limited and controlled contact with potential buyers/sellers. This secondary line is usually off on the weekends, so I only carry it during the work week unless previously contacted by a buyer.

    I use a Passport as main driver and have been using an older 9800 Torch as secondary device. Last month, I purchased a PRIV as well, so I'm currently debating on which to use as main device: PP or PRIV. The Torch will be sold cheap to a friend who has basic communication needs and likes the design.

    I will then use the secondary line on either the Passport or PRIV. The most likely scenario is that once WhatsApp ceases support for BB10, I'll use the PRIV (hopefully with MM by then, as it's an unlocked AT&T model) as main driver and Passport as a tablet-like device with the secondary line. The Passport is excellent for viewing documents, so it will serve me great as I don't really find the need to get a "proper" tablet.

    Also, and as someone mentioned, if you have the financial means, it's fun to try several devices. For me BB10 is the best, but I was curious of how Android was implemented by BlackBerry, thus I bought a PRIV.

    Last but not least, I find it useful when travelling abroad to use roaming only for necessary cases and WiFi most of the time on my main device and get a local SIM for my secondary phone to communicate seamlessly.

    Posted with my powerful and masterful  Passport!
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    06-02-16 08:54 AM
  7. Carjackd's Avatar
    Would have stayed with my q10

    Which now feels RIDICULOUSLY small now...!!!!

    Posted via CB10 - 9900 -Playbook- Q10 - Passport SE (1) - Passport SE (2)
    I've switched to a priv from the passport...but wow is that comment right. Picked up an iPhone SE yesterday...and man is that thing feel small. I doubt they are selling many, even all the people who complained when IPhone went big. It's got to feel crazy small to them now
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    06-02-16 10:09 AM
  8. ibod's Avatar
    was using a PPSE, switched to nextbit robin.
    06-02-16 02:51 PM
  9. anon(3732391)'s Avatar
    I've switched to a priv from the passport...but wow is that comment right. Picked up an iPhone SE yesterday...and man is that thing feel small. I doubt they are selling many, even all the people who complained when IPhone went big. It's got to feel crazy small to them now
    Well you have to take into consideration that most people's hands are in proportion with the rest of themselves.
    Plus they said all kinds of ways that the Passport wouldn't sell at all because it was different.

    If you are one of those with the ":small" complex.. go to Toys R us and get an even smaller one. Within a weak or so the other phone won't seen so small.
    'The only problem you have to watch out for is that you won't have any complaints with the Toys R Us model and just may decide to stick with that.
    06-02-16 06:14 PM
  10. securityboy's Avatar
    Probably an iPhone.

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    06-02-16 06:44 PM
  11. Bogdan Tudor Dan's Avatar
    No one has said a leap, I would be back on the classic or z30.

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    I find the Leap as a downgraded Z10. Except the battery life Z10 is way better than the Leap.

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    06-02-16 07:02 PM
  12. robin11's Avatar
    I use a Z30 and battery life is great.....this BB OS 10 versus Android irks me. There are dual sim phones (either real or virtual), so why not something like a dual OS phone, partitioned with Blackberry OS 10 on one side (for work or those who just prefer Blackberry OS 10), and Blackberry Android on the other side, for personal use and or those who like apps?
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    06-05-16 07:04 PM
  13. emanuel0ss0's Avatar
    Since I flip through phones I honestly couldn't answer that question. I'm currently cycling through a Priv, Passport, Classic, and 6Plus.

    It's a lot of phones, but since the "perfect" phone that does absolutely everything that I want well enough to be devoted as my daily driver doesn't exist, it's the only choice I have.

    I used the Priv for a while, but it's still running lollipop and the battery started dying super fast. When I use the 6Plus I get frustrated with not being able to type on an actual keyboard. When I use the Classic, it's just a touch slower then the Passport and I find it difficult to choose it over my red Passport.

    It's a weird cycle that I use the phone that does what I need it to at the time.

     Posted via my Red Passport SQW100-1/ 
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    06-05-16 09:37 PM
  14. ccczzzxxx's Avatar
    For those of us who use the Passport as our daily driver, I'm curious what device you would be using if the Passport didn't exist or wasn't available on your network. Would you still be on BBOS10, perhaps the Classic? Maybe you'd give the Priv a chance to bridge the gap between pure BlackBerry and pure Android? Or maybe you'd just go the way of the masses and get an iPhone or another Android device and be done with it?

    The reason I ask is I'm trying to figure out if the Passport alone is keeping people faithful to BB0S.

    Me, for instance, if it wasn't for the beautiful and uber-productive Passport, I would be on the Priv. I tried and loved the Classic for a while, but if my choices for having a device with a physical keyboard and the Hub was between the Classic and the Priv, I would go with the Priv for speed, apps, a better camera and a bigger screen.

    After trying the Passport though, I'm "Back in Black (Silver Edition)" and loving it. This device is unrivaled and I'm personally more than willing to sacrifice a few modern touches for productivity and reliability.

    Curious about your thoughts. Thanks for any input.
    I will choose an iPhone, maybe 6s plus or waiting to see 7. Since no other phone has a hub as efficient as bb10, I will use the better of the less efficient. Getting used to the big screen on passport, I will not get back to Q10 which I still have or classic.

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    06-06-16 02:23 AM
  15. nimra's Avatar
    Q 10 and Classic

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    06-06-16 03:00 AM
  16. bmanchi's Avatar
    Sticking with BB10, I'd use the Classic. If I had to move permanently to another OS, I'd probably go with the Nexus 6P, or the forthcoming Note 6. I tried using the Priv as my daily driver for about 3 months but in the end it just didn't cut it for me and I came back to the Passport.

    Posted via CB10
    06-06-16 05:03 AM
  17. Jrox74's Avatar
    I agree with m3ach I would still be rocking my Z10 on a daily basis. Right now it is the daily driver for my girlfriend while she is in Sydney with a local Vodaphone sim card. Rocking 24-7 with my Passport SE & semi retired Z10.
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    06-06-16 05:41 AM
  18. ReinGutierrez's Avatar
    If I don't have my BlackBerry Passport SE. I might got the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 or maybe the BlackBerry Priv.

     P A S S P O R T [ S E ]  | CB App |
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    06-07-16 03:49 PM
  19. markmall's Avatar
    Z30, then Classic. If no BB10 would use Microsoft.

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    06-07-16 03:57 PM
  20. sesp9's Avatar
    Blackberry Bold 9900

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    06-07-16 05:27 PM
  21. Asuhmiaseh's Avatar
    Definitely would be using my Z30. Love that phone and still use it.

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    06-07-16 09:11 PM
  22. jackcarr's Avatar
    Actually, now that I'm on AT&T, I would consider getting a Leap for $225 on Amazon and seeing how that runs.

    Posted via BlackBerry Passport
    06-07-16 09:40 PM
  23. MB64's Avatar
    A public phone.

    Posted via CB10 with Z30
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    06-07-16 10:44 PM
  24. rwb's Avatar
    A public phone.

    Posted via CB10 with Z30
    They still have those???
    06-08-16 04:44 AM
  25. MB64's Avatar
    They still have those???
    Yeah, I've actually seen some working ones in Vegas.

    Posted via CB10 with Z30
    06-08-16 04:52 AM
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