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    Well if blackberry can make use of the keyboad & trackpad feature and maybe integrate gestures together and make it possible to operate the phone with out even touching the screen? That will be really cool.

    Good examples are

    1. Composing a message upto sending. This one is combination of hardware keyboard and screen keyboard.
    2. A good use also in scrolling I enjoy pressing T&B. Saves time on scrolling.
    3. Reading emails p&n etc

    And more..

    Anyway get my point? Make the phone much easier to use. But this time I hope blackberry exceeds from the legacy devices short cuts. Making more really genius innovative user interface.

    Really loving the passport keyboard and the short cuts. I feel like a kid thats really happy learning new tricks. Its been a long time since I was impress from computers to mobile devices.

    Atleast less lifting of the finger to reach top of the screen. I know its not really 100% possible for keyboard only..

    Just my personal thoughts and opinion ofcourse

    Posted via CB10
    11-01-14 11:47 AM

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