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    I have an Iphone 6s and I"m sick of it. I never use these millions of apps out there (besides the small few like Pandora, shizam, facebook, tumblr, a few more I can't think of) and would much rather have a more productive phone like a passport. I used to be a dedicated bb user up until 2011, when I moved to the US and switched networks from my Singapore provider, to Verizon. Forward a few years....... I'm here now with my iphone 6s and I just....all it does is distract me. And I HATE this generation who are constantly on their phones WHEN THERE FRIENDS ARE RIGHT THERE instead of just...oh ya know, TALKING?? Rant over.

    I just want a more productive business oriented phone. I like the Classic. A lot. But it is incomparable to the Passport. My dilemma here is that I'm with Verizon. I don't know when my contract ends, but I'll surely found out soon. Ideally, I'd like to switch to AT&T and get a black Passport. But what do I do with my Iphone 6s? Sell it back to Verizon? Sell it to a friend? Either way, I need some cash in order to do this provider switch AND afford a passport. The passport has been in the back of my head since I saw it last year and I just can't shake it off. Do any of you out there have the same/similar problem, or had the same/similar problem? How do you go about fixing this?

    +Verizon is very pricey in the first place and their national coverage isn't as great as they say.
    +AT&T is MUCH cheaper and from what I've heard, have much better customer service.

    I don't know, folks. I just need some advice. I miss my blackberry bold 8650 and 9700. So so so much. Is anyone able to throw me some advice?
    09-13-16 05:26 AM
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    Once your contract is up with verizon just buy a passport and go to either att or t-mobile.
    09-13-16 07:29 AM
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    I did this exact thing. I wiped my iPhone 6, sold it on eBay and applied that money to my Passport and switched from Verizon to AT&T purely so I could have the Passport. Best decision I ever made. In my opinion, the Passport is so much more productive and fun to use than the iPhone. Like you, I don't care about Snap chatting and playing Pokmon Go. I want to get things done and get back to my life and family. The Passport is nothing short of phenomenal. My wife just bought me a second Passport that she's saving for my Christmas gift. Sorry Verizon, but it was just collateral damage. AT&T is adequate and the Passport is the best, most well thought out device ever. #LongLiveBlackBerry10

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    09-13-16 07:42 AM
  4. ratfinkstooley's Avatar
    You may want to even ask AT&T about helping you switch. Maybe they'll pay off whatever contract you have left

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    09-13-16 07:46 AM
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    One thing good about iphones is you get a good return in selling them. Your iPhone 6s depending on the storage and condition, can easily fetch a high amount. I was in the same situation you're in now and I had to make the switch once I saw the Passport. I researched the device well enough to leave Veri$on for At&t. Best decision I have ever made. Even with the new iPhone 7 coming out, I am not even interested in leaving my Passport for it. That is how good the Blackberry Passport really is.

     Blackberry Passport
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    09-13-16 11:04 AM

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