1. skstrials's Avatar
    I do not yet have a medical doctorate degree or have a position at the white house.

    Anyone else feel that they are a bit "underqualified " for the Passport especially after watching the BlackBerry Passport commercials featuring those specific professions? Lol.

    Posted via CB10 using Blackberry Q10
    09-25-14 03:34 AM
  2. H4zN's Avatar
    lol! It doesn't matter who you are and what you do. I don't look at complex sheets or read long excecutive e-mails either, but there are a lot of other use cases that the Passport will be usable for me. I rocked all BB10 phones and I think the Passport's screen will be just perfect. I actually saw it in real life back in June and didn't like the form factor, but the more I looked at the CB content on this phone, the more I wanted it. And guess what, I ordered it as soon as I could!
    09-25-14 03:48 AM
  3. anischab's Avatar
    I know much poeple driving Mercedes, BMW, Ford Mustang, Mini Cooper, without being Medicals, or politician...

    It's a good piece of hardware! If you want it, plan for it and get it!

    Don't fall into clicheys... It's like everything in life!

    Do you know that you can play Golf without being rich??

    I always live my dreams! Otherwise, they can't become true!

    BlackBerry*Q10, T-Mobile Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS
    09-25-14 03:54 AM
  4. Masahiro's Avatar
    I do not yet have a medical doctorate degree or have a position at the white house.
    Well, what's the hold up? BlackBerry monitors these forums, so you better not be thinking of buying a Passport until you have at least four PhDs and have been a leader of a minimum of three G8 nations, all while being a professional football player who would also perform during the halftime shows. You also have to take the kids to soccer practice.
    wardy87 likes this.
    09-25-14 04:16 AM

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