07-09-16 01:31 PM
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    What? I have the passport.
    it's trash.
    Any smart phone today can meet your business needs. Stay away from bb10.
    I thought I could deal with the lack of aps but you cannot. It lacks basic apps.
    I've heard to priv is a decent phone.
    Theirs a reason BlackBerry went all android bc that's the only way they don't go bankrupt.
    I might be interested in blackberry again if they were to make a high end android flagship.
    For me in one month when I finally can stop using this phone it will be a Iphone 7 plus/pro or note 7. Looked in the new windows phone.
    Imo if your looking for a new phone.
    Is that you, Mr. Cook??

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  2. Trouveur's Avatar
    Their are no apps on blackberry. None
    That's just a lie. There are great apps on BBW, like Fastube, Nobex, Browsie Browser, Blaq, Cascarun...
    Most Android apps do work when patch with Cobalt tool.

    I can listen to music, watch Youtube, have a GPS, a good browser, an Office app, calendar, to do list, sport tracking...

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    07-09-16 05:18 AM
  3. dan_dollar's Avatar
    Me too, I want to get a PPSE from shop BlackBerry before the 12th when their sales expires.
    I'm scared of all the defects I've been reading about, because I might not be able to return it, seeing that I stay in Nigeria, and it will be coming in through a 3rd party shipping company that might not be able to access the device for me.

    Coming from a Z30 I'm using presently, will I have a problem with PKB?

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    07-09-16 06:29 AM
  4. anon(9353145)'s Avatar
    Another issue I need to clear. I have a huge need for utility apps. Financial, notes taking apps (OneNote) to be exact, I use the OneDrive cloud storage, I use the Microsoft maps as well as navigational apps, I use the rss reader called nextgen reader or feedly on android, I also use flip board for news. Can I get all these or something similar on the BB10?
    If you don't mind using the runtime, tinkering a bit, and Cobalt's Google Play solution, you should be fine. Not sure about Microsoft Maps but after patching Google Maps works fine and there are some really good native BB10 map solutions, like NavFree and some paid ones.

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    07-09-16 09:50 AM
  5. mh1983's Avatar
    For RSS, I'd strongly recommend gNewsReader. Great native BB10 app and works nicely with Feedly.

    I second Reaney's comments about Cobalt's solution and the native map solutions (I also vote for NavFree).
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