09-04-14 12:22 AM
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    Don't forget that you almost certainly won't be able to get the Passport right after launch. Expect 2nd half of October for availability. Based on some information floating around the availability will initially be only EMEA region, with NA to follow in November.

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    NA in November? That's very optimistic. At best would be late January or early February 2015.

    I've been a huge BB fan for a very long time, and the passport and classic will be the devices that will make it or break it for me being a BB customer moving forward.

    So far they have been making great strides by focusing on the enterprise business. I've been greatly disappointed by the playbook and Q10 because of the limited functionality and lack of apps. I truely hope it all can change with these new phones and BB 10.3

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    09-04-14 12:22 AM
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