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    Hi guys,

    This is my 1st post here on the forums. I'm a IT Professional and a BB OS lover. So this is my problem gents:

    Was having a whatsapp conversation in writing with someone the other day when all of a sudden my keyboard stopped working. For a moment I said that my passport was lagging and I gave it a couple of seconds but nothing, then I swapped apps and I realized that my keyboard wasn't responding anymore (and not only the keyb, but the predictive words too) so basically I had no input on my phone anymore. The touchscreen was working though. As this didn't occurred in the past I said that I should give it a restart and see what's going on. After the phone rebooted itself I realized that it was hotter than usual and the apps didn't open anymore (all apps - not even the settings), call logs didn't show names but numbers and this was the only feature that was still able to somehow open up. Later I realized that the phone's date was set to 13th of December 2016 (WTF!?).

    I started restarting the phone several times just to realize that if I would try to use a feature just before the booting background would complete that app/feature of the phone would open and stay open, but as soon as the phone booted it would not do anything. Examples:

    1). I have a picture password and for the first 3 minutes after rebooting I could unlock my passport while using the picture; after the booting procedure would complete, the device would ask for my password instead of giving me the picture option.

    2). I could open Settings, Device Manager, BBVE, Whatsapp, Pictures, etc. and they would stay open and work for the 1st 3 min but then the they would die in terms of using, because I could not view pictures anymore nor write a whatsapp message.

    A few hours later and hundred of restarts I realized that the date changed back to current time but the device itself would act the same.

    When connected to the PC/MAC I could not access the phone's contents via the IP connection (after unlocking with password in device manager) but on MAC only I could actually see my files in BB Link but not open them after the 3 min mark. So if I would open the pictures from BB Link for example, the software would load as many pics thumbnails as it could in the 3 min mark.

    This 3 - 3.5 min mark doesn't give me the time needed for a contacts backup as afterwards the BB Link is useless both on Mac and PC.

    I don't think it's a hardware problem and I'd like to perform a hard software reset but before doing so I need to find a way to save some of the data off the phone.

    Any help is highly appreciated as well as any suggestions.

    I can provide some more data if needed... idk how to use the debbuging tools via the IP address else I would look deeply into it.


    LE: I'm using the latest OS version
    LE2: Do any tools exist that could allow the user to somehow directly tap into the memory of the phone in order to save some files off it? I'm open to anything...
    09-26-17 08:13 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    See if you can get Ultimate Backup working.

    Then use this autoloader:


    Download to PC, unzip, plug in phone, run.
    09-26-17 08:19 PM
  3. sadoveca's Avatar
    Any other opinions out there?
    09-27-17 12:58 PM
  4. conite's Avatar
    Any other opinions out there?
    Did it not work? Please elaborate.
    09-27-17 01:50 PM
  5. Troy Tiscareno's Avatar
    Passports seem to have experienced several types of motherboard failures - either they lose the ability to use cellular data, or have the problems that you describe. If reloading the OS doesn't fix it, it means the motherboard is toast, and BB isn't repairing them or offering replacements anymore as there are no parts left. Your options at that point would be to buy another PP someplace or migrate to another device. I'm not aware of any third-parties repairing these motherboards - and it would be extremely difficult to do so given the tiny size and likely the lack of spare parts.
    09-27-17 02:05 PM
  6. sadoveca's Avatar
    Did it not work? Please elaborate.
    It didn't work as I didn't have enough time to install the app before the full OS loaded with glitches.

    Anyhow this is what I have been doing.

    Since I could open the calls log and I could also tap the contacts from there and I could actually see all my contacts inside the call log. So I've been saving my contacts manually.... a pain for the eyes but it did the job.

    Then I was opening the File Manager and the Remember App right immediately after the restart and this way I was able to view my notes and write them down somewhere else; on the side I was able to view all my files but not access them. In order to determine whether it was a corrupt software or a defective board I tried to move some files to my SD Card and then access them through the mass storage option (which again would require a new restart and a fast opening of settings, etc.) which it worked and I could see my files on the PC.

    With the help of a 8GB Sd card I manage to save all my date except for the music files and therefore saved approximately 14 GB of data in two different operations, 7 GB each.

    The last steps were to use and Autoloader in order to load an older version of the OS and the by using the BB Link software I was able to install the latest OS version.

    I'll post some updates soon about how my Passport behaves and the close the topic.

    09-28-17 04:59 AM

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