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    I just have to say that as far as BB10 devices go, the Passport is my favorite. It's beautiful, reliable and FAST. What a pity that it and the OS ultimately failed.

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    04-03-17 09:45 PM
  2. Maui83's Avatar
    Agreed. The passport is the best phone I've owned to date. I'm not one for all the dumb apps and games. The passport does what I need it to, and it does it really well. BB10 is great too. Shame that it failed. I'm delaying my switch to android for as long as I can lol

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    04-03-17 10:44 PM
  3. 3165dwayne's Avatar
    I'm on Android and have always been after windows mobile 6.x wasn't doing it for me anymore. Last year I decided to try the passport and boy do I hate T-Mobile for not carrying it. I've missed out on so much. It was a wonderful OS.
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    04-04-17 12:19 AM
  4. Maui83's Avatar
    It truly is a great OS. Best on the market I think. And it's a shame that it's going to disappear, mostly because it wasn't marketed enough. People didn't get to see how great it is. When I show friends what it can do, they wonder why it didn't do better. It'll be a sad day when I have to give it up.

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    04-04-17 06:42 PM

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