1. luigieagle's Avatar
    I got the Passport on September and then I got the AT&T version. I love it! But I always was curious about the Classic and I was researching about it until finally I got it from Verizon to try it.
    Well, this is what I discover:
    As I always said, Passport is the Ferrari of phones. Classic is like a Mercedes Benz (allow me the allegory, please). It's actually unfair comparing both phones, but let's try in case you want to decide which one to buy.
    If you need power, let's say you need a car for racing, to get 100 mph in a few seconds and you want all heads turn to you when you're on the freeway, get the Ferrari (I mean, the Passport). It also has some disadvantages, like the size, but man... Passport is pure power and beauty!!!!!
    But maybe you prefer a nice, beauty and Classic Mercedes Benz. And here is not which one is better than the other but what do you need from each of them. If you do not need a car that gets more than 200 mph because if you go faster than 65 you are going to get a ticket, if you do not need all that power you shouldn't get a Ferrari, right? A better option would be a great quality nice car like a... Mercedes Benz.
    It is the same thing with Blackberry Passport and Classic.
    Both phones are great!!! But if you need power, if you need work done, get the Passport. If you don't need all that, but you want elegance, style and effectiveness, the Classic is for you.
    Some people can have both (I know a guy that has a Ferrari and a Mercedes Benz... and some other nice cars).
    I have both at the moment because I wanted to try them by myself and decide which one to keep... but now I want them both and I'm trying to do some magic with my budget to keep them. Both are great phones as Ferrari and Mercedes Benz are both great cars, but here there is a little interesting thing: both (Passport and Classic) are from the same company: Blackberry.
    04-24-15 12:46 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    So keep them both? Do whatever magic you need to lol. There's not really a question here, so I suppose it's all in your hands to decide on what to do.
    bhrgvr likes this.
    04-24-15 01:57 PM
  3. Andy_bb_king's Avatar
    Two are needed. One as a back up and for kids to play too.

    Presented to you by real phone - Passport
    04-24-15 04:04 PM

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