01-13-15 04:50 PM
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  1. nikgilbe's Avatar
    Congratulations. Interested to know what becomes of your Z30 in the coming weeks. I gave mine away after having my Passport for three days. And I'm a HUGE fan of the Z30.

    Posted two-handed via Passport
    Thanks. Love the Z30 too, and I won't get rid quite yet but I have a feeling it won't be getting much attention

    Posted via CB10
    01-09-15 03:36 PM
  2. Jay is back on CrackBezee's Avatar
    It will finally arrive this Monday never been so eager for a Monday in my life till now ! I'm Taking the day off so I don't miss the delivery truck 😉
    01-10-15 05:09 PM
  3. Amy wineBerry's Avatar
    OK I just got my BB Passport and first of all I love the feel of it in my hand, seriously. It doesn't slip slide out of my hand like the iPhone 6+ and the grip is awesome! It's been so long I feel like I'm right at home with my best friend and first love <3 I like the typing and I'm having NO issues going from the touch to the keypad. I do have to get use to the gestures and the other little things such as the settings-- get things organized like I prefer.

    The call quality is awesome as well as the sound and speakers!!! I don't have to keep blowing in the speakers for the caller to hear me clearly, I really don't know why I had to do that often with my iPhone. And the little red flashing light OMG!!! I missed it sooooo much! Right now I'm having fun with this baby and I'm taking my time getting to know it. Thanks for all the input and suggestions I'll be surfing in here to figure out this and that, otherwise I'm beyond happy!
    Congrats on your new Passport!! Love mine! I use it in conjunction with my iPhone 6+ and BlackBerry Classic.

    (As an aside, I don't know why you had to blow into your iPhone's speaker for the caller to hear you clearly. I'd surmise that it was an issue with the speaker.)

    Posted via CB10
    01-10-15 06:25 PM
  4. Jay is back on CrackBezee's Avatar
    Finally got mine yesterday ! love it got Snap and ALL the apps I used on IOS ! ( Instagram keeps crashing but I loaded Igran for now) Device is gorgeous and a lil bigger than I thought but I will get used to it and it's functions gotta learn BB10 but I'm glad I took the plunge! P.S if any one knows some threads I should check out to maximize my device please share .Thanks
    01-13-15 04:50 PM
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