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    Did you do it online?
    When I entered it on the online site it said IMEI not found. I called AT&T and respectfully demanded a transfer to an elevated CSR because the first ones were saying there was nothing they could do about it. I referred them to the new unlocking laws, finally got someone to open a case, he gave me a case number, and in 3 days I received an unlock code by email.

    Edit: Here's a post by AT&T themselves on the AT&T support community forums about the IMEI not found unlock message saying they will gladly assist. If they try to give you the runaround, you can direct them to this as well: https://forums.att.com/t5/Windows-Ph...4209503#M24907
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    Was that gentleman you, yhamaie-san?
    No . . . the gentleman is a geek who lives in Higashi-hiroshima City. It appears that he is presently unemployed due to psychosomatic disease. (Aside - a fortnight ago a Korean airplane (Airbus A320) almost crash-landed at Hiroshima Airport which is located close to Higashi-hiroshima City.

    I am QI charging my unlocked BB Passport-crash-a320-asiana-14-04-2015-2.jpg


    from the translation it didn't seem like an extremely difficult modification. As a native Japanese reader, would you agree?
    I would agree . . . perhaps nobody will notice that modification has been made once the rear cover is closed. (Please note that micro USB port at the bottom of BlackBerry Passport is no longer accessible.)

    I am QI charging my unlocked BB Passport-qi3.jpg
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    Compared to photos of other phones with the qi pad added, it looks pretty clean on the Passport. I'm curious about two things: if there's a bulge afterwards, and if NFC is affected. That translation makes no sense to me, but he mentions NFC.

    Opening the Passport is very simple. Someone here should replicate that guy's install.
    04-28-15 11:28 PM
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    I'm curious about two things: if there's a bulge afterwards, and if NFC is affected.
    The author of the blog reports that there is no bulge after the rear cover is closed, while he has not yet confirmed whether or not NFC is affected.
    04-29-15 07:22 AM
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    I have not given up on a this... will retry soon...

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    When I was testing wireless charging on my Z10, NFC communication didn't interfere with the pad. But I guess it depends on the position of the pad against the NFC antenna.

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    04-29-15 07:34 AM
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    You are mistaken. The max available current shown on a charger only refers to the maximum possible current that the charger in question could output into any circuit.

    For this max current to be achieved, the circuit (all wires, battery, and battery management circuitry) would have to be a short circuit.

    Using a 5amp (5000ma) charger to charge a phone that only needs 500ma to charge will have no adverse affects at all. The maximum current flowing in the circuit is related to the voltage provided by the charger and the total resistance of the circuit. the worst that an over rated charger can do is charge the battery.

    using an under rated charger will mean that the available current is lower than the maximum current that could flow in that circuit given the voltage and the circuit resistance. This could mean that there is insufficient available current to overcome the current loss due to the circuit resistance. The worst that an under rated charger can do is not charge.

    When a charger is rated between two or more values, eg: 500ma - 800ma, this just means that the charger is capable of providing a current flow of 500ma continuously and a peak of 800ma into a short circuit. It doesn't mean that the charger will wander all over the place when connected to a fixed load. If the load is steady and the current varies, it is because the voltage is varying, and this (the voltage) is much more likely to be a problem.

    Current (I) is a function of Voltage (V) over Resistance (R)
    I = V/R

    Given V and R as being steady, then I will be steady.

    If I is varying then either (or both) V and R are changing.
    12-11-15 09:32 AM
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