07-14-15 03:09 AM
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    I should add in the theme of my original post that I followed instructions elsewhere on Crackberry and got Google Play working. Eh, it is okay but as previously stated I'm not a huge fan of google. It is there if I need it.

    I also updated the the latest leaked OS. I don't have the flicker issue some have noted. I'm still very happy with my accidental purchase.

    I read and responded in another Thread made by a prosumer to the nth degree noting some shortcomings. The one I remember is not being able to use a company font in emails. Oh and he said the battery didn't stack up but he uses a lot of Android apps. None of these things have affected me at all. I use it all day every day as described above and it does everything I need it to do and more.

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    02-10-15 06:38 PM
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    I just had amazing reception on my Passport. I live in Ottawa ON and was in Ogdensburg NY at a grocery store a few km from the border. I was pulling in 3 bars on Edge. I've never had anything but roaming on my Sony Xperia Z1 and Nokia Lumia 1520 in that same spot.

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    02-10-15 06:56 PM
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    Yeah I have this odd situation where if I walk outside, my phone drops the microcell and picks up a normal cell tower, then when I walk back in, it takes a long time to pick up the microcell, has one bar in the cell tower, and the call always drops. So if you walk outside, you have to stay there until the call is over. That's on my Samsung.

    Got the passport, and I don't even need the microcell anymore. Same spot. Different phone. But since I have the microcell, I walk outside and the passport hangs on to it not just by the door but all the way to my neighbor's house. Stark difference.

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    02-13-15 06:40 PM
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    You were looking for encrypted IM and now BBM protected no longer needs BES and can protect conversations with unsubscribed BBM users on iOS and Android.


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    04-06-15 07:04 PM
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    Wow! What a long post! After partially reading,...the question might be, how well will you handle the Passport?

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    04-06-15 08:20 PM
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    Hi there, I'll ask if we can merge your accounts. Not sure whether or not that's possible.
    Otherwise, I'll close the new one if not.

    Btw, putting "moderator" in a post doesn't invoke our presence. If you need help from Mods/Admin, please just Report your own post and state your issue in the report. Thanks!
    Report your own post.... never would have thought of that.

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    04-06-15 08:54 PM
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    I run a multinational cutting edge technology company. I used BlackBerry phones from day one and they did all I need. The only issue was that when I visited a different country, BlackBerry services didn't work on the cellular network, only via a resorts wifi.

    My business partner had always used symbian. He then bought an iphone five. He said it was great and that I should get one, which I did. Big mistake.

    It was horrible to hold and if I started my day at 9AM, the battery was dead by 4PM.

    One Friday when I was out in a restraint, one of our clients asked me to send them an email with 2-3 reports attached. I knew these had been emailed to me by my CTO, so I naturally thought it would be easy to get these, save them and attach them to the email. It was at this point I realised there was no filing system and although you could attach several photos to an email, you could only send one document per email on the iphone. It was at that point I realised the iphone was a child's toy and gave it to my daughter to play games on.

    I purchased a Samsung whatever it was - the best one available about two years ago. It was made of terrible materials and kept asking me which browser I wanted to use and the battery would not last a day.

    I got a Z10. Was full of bugs and made from recycled toilet seats.

    I got a Q10. Fantastic quality, OS had matured, easy to use and lasted a working day. Downside was small screen.

    Got Z30. Fantastic quality, virtual keyboard better than apple, easy to use, lasted a working day.

    Got a Passport.... fantastic screen, best keyboard ever, lasts over a day on heavy usage, works all over the world, can access my office PC in the UK when I'm in Austria, USA etc.

    I pretty much run my business from my passport. Bought one for my business partner. Says is the best phone he has ever used. Everyone I meet usually comments on it!

    Buy one. It's a PC in the side of a coaster. Built to withstand a direct hit from a cruse missile and used by the elite.

    No other phone comes close. My friend has an iphone 6 plus. I have used it. Is horribly tacky and ten years behind the times.

    Passport is king.

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    04-06-15 09:03 PM
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    I've just read this entire thread beginning to end and it is really amazing to see how OP's quite specific and technical needs have all been met with the Passport without requiring any work-arounds or major compromises.

    It really goes to show just how far BlackBerry have come with their new range of devices and also how biased many of the technology review media are.

    I've read so many positive things regarding the Passport on this and other forums yet the industry still calls BlackBerry a sinking ship with no innovation or direction.

    I am a proud owner of a Classic and every review I've read uses the handset as an example of how BlackBerry are not capable of thinking about the future needs of customers, nor have the ability to innovate. The Passport is pure innovation with the inbuilt track-pad keyboard and a form factor that is both practical and like no other.

    My fiancee is currently the owner of an iPhone 5 but loves the way BlackBerry 10 works, I suggested the Passport and expected a negative reaction due to the size - well guess what our latest purchase is.

    Does this thread appear in full on the Passport's huge display? :-P

    Storm 2 > Bold 9900 > Classic
    04-07-15 01:05 AM
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    Passport can pretty much handle 'heavy task'... with an exemption from some Android apps...

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    04-07-15 01:34 AM
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    I hated the idea of the PP when it was released.....now I can't see myself without it.....and this is coming from a Z10 and Z30...... you really can't go wrong.
    04-07-15 01:39 AM
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    To the OP, just wanted to say that your comments on the Passport have been very specific and insightful. Somehow I stumbled upon your thread, even though it's been awhile.

    How are you now enjoying your Passport?

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    07-10-15 10:24 PM
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    OP, I did like to read your experiences with the Passport, a nice thread

    CB10 - Passport
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    07-11-15 12:37 AM
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    OP, thank you for the insights into your specific workflow. It was a meaty read but so moreish hence why everyone has wanted you to go on until the conclusion.

    I'd like to add to the long list of suggestions in regards to Onedrive. It's a significant part of my workflow and device setup. My Onedrive is less than 10GB and I prefer to use local copies on my Passport, Samsung Tab S 8.4 tablet and laptop or ultrabook (the last two of course do this anyway since they are windows 8.1).

    The default Onedrive apps for BlackBerry and Android are not useable offline and when I do access them whilst on mobile data, I find it too unwieldy waiting for it load the contents of each folder. It's just so much more productive seeing the thumbnails without the delay.

    There is an Android app called OneSync which allows you to save your entire Onedrive to the external SD card on your passport or the sandboxed folder on a dedicated Android device.

    Having two way sync is quite a luxury. There isn't a built for BlackBerry equivalent I could find. Playcloud (native) seems much more fluid than the Onedrive app but I'm not sure what it offers aside from that. I assume storage of your documents on the external SD could be a security issue for you but I haven't quite worked out an encryption option which is feasible. Having removable storage from device to device is handy.

    If you ever need to filter calls (whitelist) Blockr on the blackberry app store works well with Hub++ but not Beebuzz. There's a bit of tinkering with the profiles but this is great for those days you need to go off grid or sleep in.

    I've still a long wait before my Vaja case arrives but for other additional hardware accessories I'm impressed with Logitech's Keys to Go bluetooth keyboard. Just stellar to type on and works great with the passport. I wish it had the bluetooth toggle switch for 3 devices of the K810 keyboard. The latter is the best bluetooth keyboard I've ever used. Highly recommended.

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    07-14-15 03:09 AM
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