05-25-15 01:36 PM
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    there IS a fix.. which I just tried with success yesterday in one group text, and have been texting the past 36 or so hours fine in...
    The problem is APPLE. But more specifically, their iMessage integration to all their d@mn devices. The first group text, someone had an iPad. So we all were playing cards last night, and they deleted my contact info and the group thread from everyone's iPhones and their iPad. Once my number was finally purged from all devices and group messages, group message started working again MMS, and it's been working all day just fine. Received all messages from all participants (theres only 3 of us).
    The second group is more complex. Two people have iPad, Mac, and iPhone, which you can receive iMessages on all 3 devices. The problem is: iPad/Mac can only do iMessage or nothing at all (not entirely true, more on that later, but for this scenario it is). When they would reply it would force everyone else's iPhones to use iMessage, thus leaving me in the dark. That group text is still a work in progress. there are 6 people total, two of which with Apple everything. (yes I am aware that Apple just came out with text forwarding last fall.... but all Macs and i-Devices need to have up to date software to set it up) I sent the text for them to purge my contact info and group texts from all their apple devices, and everyone else delete the group threads, but we'll see if it works. I'm trying to avoid getting a new number... Once this group text is fixed, all my headaches will be fixed, for now lol

    Good to know the 'easy' fix is getting a new number. I was about to do that, it is very frustrating not being able to get all your messages!!!

    there's a thread on here that somebody's work was shutting down the BB server and their IT guys were going to make him give up his BB, but whatever they were going with (activesync?) is supported by BB.. so maybe that is what her hospital is doing...
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    I found deregistering to work, and also asking the sender to hold the message on the screen and select 'send as text'. After a few times it automatically sends it as text to you.

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    05-18-15 05:54 AM
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    I just tested a group text last night between my z30 ND two leaps. The first group goes out mms just fine. But replies from either leap came back as single sms messages. Did not stay in the group thread. Ideas? Thanks all.

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    05-23-15 08:46 AM
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    That iMessage is just so user friendly! Sad that getting a new number is the easy method, lol. iMessage should be smart enough to propagate the deactivated number back to user contacts when it tries to deliver to a disabled number, and force the phone back to text.

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    05-25-15 12:55 PM
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    The other option is to talk to Apple. I did this when I first got the Q10, called AT&T, they bumped me to Apple, fixed in less than 15 minutes. Say what you want about Apple (I've said it myself ), their customer service is top shelf.

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    Apple's customer service may be "top shelf" but you shouldn't have this issue.

    Why should I have to contact apple if I want to leave them and switch to another phone manufacturer and my text messages aren't working.

    It should be illegal what they are doing with iMessage.
    Basically what they are doing is they have your number on file and every time someone sends an sms to that number it doesn't go straight to your device like it should normally, it goes to apples servers and then the server attempts to reroute it to your iPhone (which you used you have) because it is still associated with the number.
    Once it cannot reach the iPhone, the message is just lost in space (or at least they say it is).

    They can be storing my every message on their servers.

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    05-25-15 01:08 PM
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    In other words whatsapp or BBM or normal text.. oh what iPhone users just brag about their apple but never have data on their sim they always depend on the charging wall and free Wi-Fi

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    05-25-15 01:36 PM
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