1. muratb's Avatar
    is there a way or gesture to turn off the screen without clicking on the power button on top. Thanks..

    Posted via CB10
    12-03-15 01:24 AM
  2. muratb's Avatar
    Or even better..may be a shortcut with the keyboard?

    Posted via CB10
    12-03-15 01:26 AM
  3. harshik's Avatar
    When u are on the home screen long pressing k will lock the phone

    Posted via CB10
    12-03-15 01:31 AM
  4. muratb's Avatar
    Great..didnt know that..how about just turning the screen off without locking the phone? Is there any short cut keys?

    Posted via CB10
    12-03-15 03:16 AM
  5. muellerto's Avatar
    And what's about my Z30?
    12-03-15 03:38 AM
  6. paulwallace1234's Avatar
    No Touch device has any screen off shortcuts, there is no public dev access to it.
    12-03-15 04:33 AM
  7. shavikju's Avatar
    The Sailfish OS - Jolla Phone, has a gesture where users can turn the phone off by swiping down from the top edge of the screen. It is a most useful gesture that would enhance the BB 10 OS.
    12-04-15 01:24 PM
  8. texn884's Avatar
    hit the letter U
    12-04-15 01:34 PM
  9. StawneyTW's Avatar
    hit the letter U
    That launches the calculator.
    12-04-15 01:41 PM
  10. texn884's Avatar
    Opps you need to program it
    Look under shortcuts and Speed dial in systems settings
    12-04-15 02:09 PM
  11. anon(2325196)'s Avatar
    The power button on top of the device, LMAO, works every time.

    Posted via CB10
    CranksterBB10 likes this.
    12-04-15 10:48 PM
  12. quizm's Avatar
    I think this would be a good shortcut, but I don't think one now exists. I use advanced interactions or put the device in my holster but I know it's not quite the same.

    Posted via CB10
    12-05-15 08:53 AM

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