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    Hello fellow Blackberry people,

    This morning I was told there may be a problem with my drawer of Blackberry. You see I want to buy another SE, however the wife has seen me with that particular model and was quick to give her opinion towards its metallic armor. The Passport and Q10 will be repairable until a better communicating device is made, I personally enjoy the other devices and OS designs much like a tablet, for convenience and entertainment, but rely on Blackberry for a solid phone and email system. Having owned two SE devices and selling both after becoming unable to find replacement parts. Now it is time to buy one again for keeps as the replacement for the p9983, so here is my question : how to stop buying BB10 devices and parts to keep them going; or clean out the next drawer and show love to another model in the Blackberry family?

    Do you keep a Blackberry parts drawer too?
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    Lol. Look at that stash. Can one OD on crackberry? You're getting close, if so.

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    06-26-16 03:16 PM
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    I am worrying about my next device or keeping my SE going. What did you do to your 2?

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    06-26-16 03:20 PM
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    They were very nice devices, the first was bought day 1 of launch and looked forward to the full metal frame, however I was discouraged in finding plastic parts and a keyboard that didn't line up square on each side, so it was returned. Some time later I bought one from Amazon and used it for a while until a buddy wanted to migrate into BB10, cash talks. Now it has been a great search looking for parts, many are unavailable for the SE, but every once and a while they do surface for sale. Best I can figure the SE is one device I would buy to use and if required another entire device as opposed to swappable parts, should it wear out. In all honesty the Passport keyboard has been lovely and the three keyboards for it sit unused in the package, unlike my trusty Q10 which enjoys a by-yearly upgrade service to it's keyboard. Also the passport has yet to need a battery replacement, though they are waiting too.
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    Its important to have a hobby. Even ones that don't have mush value twenty or twenty years later. There were about 30 Brand New 8300 curves on ebay awhile ago from 2007. The same one I tried to kill for 2.5 year but never had a problem. I would suggest a metal box for the battery's and a trip to the garage in the summer. You never know.
    06-26-16 04:56 PM
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    Nice stash
    06-26-16 06:24 PM
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    Nice! One heck of a collection!
    06-26-16 10:14 PM
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    I have a drawer of Curve 8330 parts. A friend asked me to order her a bunch of different housings, she wanted me to change them for her. So, I spent about $30 on housings and trackballs on ebay, and I send her a message to bring her phone over, and she replies I can keep all the housings, she went and got an iPhone the day before.

    I was already using a Torch by then. I still have the drawer full of parts. Every so often I open it, grumble and close it again.

    I know I know, get rid of them, let it go. But, she's a hairdresser, I just feel like, one day, walking in, getting a haircut and when it comes time to pay I will just hand her the phone housings and tell her we're even.

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    06-26-16 10:15 PM
  9. RC berry's Avatar
    Never really thought about x-tra parts or phone to keep me driving my PP SE but this put the interest in my head. Love this device and would hate to have to give it up some time in the future because some part of it breaks or wears out.

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    06-26-16 11:27 PM

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