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    How do I set up a contact so he is a speed dial shortcut on my PP desktop? So it is a shortcut tile and all I have to do is press the tile on my desktop and it will dial him?

    (EDITED: I saw someone who did this in the PP thread of "What is your homescreen layout" (or similar title). They had a desktop folder of "speed dials" and within this folder they had people they clicked on, with their picture, as a speed dial. Not sure if it was an app or what) I may just assign each person a key - thanks for the tip!
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    06-08-15 01:49 PM
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    You can't.

    But, you can start typing "call soandso", and Assistant should pull up their number and offer to call.

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    06-08-15 02:11 PM
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    On the passport you can assign it to one of your keys on the key pad

    Hold down a key that you want to use
    If it's not assigned to anything you will be prompted to assign a number to it

    You can also modify the ones that are currently assigned.
    Short cuts and speed dialing

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    06-08-15 02:31 PM

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