1. NikOnBB's Avatar
    Hey folks,

    I would like to sell my passport
    Yesterday I have started to erase all files from the passport.

    Since this process did not finish after almost 24 hours, i wanted to autoload the OS with the bb link.

    When the autoloader process is almost complete, it stops saying "passport could not restore. Try again"

    I used bb link on a Mac.

    How can i get my passport working again ?
    03-14-17 08:53 AM
  2. Niallac's Avatar
    Can you clarify you are using BlackBerry Link to restore the OS?

    If so, find a Windows PC, or maybe even WiNE on your Mac, get the BlackBerry Autoloader for your device, and restore the OS that way.

    Posted via CB10
    03-14-17 09:06 AM
  3. meattray's Avatar
    Head on over to this thread and grab the autoloader for your device.


    Posted via CB10
    03-14-17 09:10 AM
  4. TheBirdDog's Avatar
    You'll have to try the whole process again with the autoloader. Maybe even try to redownload the autoloader just in case something is corrupt in there?

    I had this happen to my Passport because of a sketchy USB cable. As terrified as I was, after another attempt with the autoloader, it all worked out OK. Good luck!
    03-14-17 09:41 AM

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