11-24-14 07:15 PM
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  1. KevinInCanada's Avatar
    I to a re boot of my Passport once a week never have problems it is just my "scheduled maintenance"

    Posted from my Crackberry 10 App on Blackberry Passport
    11-19-14 11:58 AM
  2. AshMcAuliffe's Avatar
    Every day following a call because it does something stupid to the music I'm listening to on the device!

    Posted via CB10
    11-19-14 01:15 PM
  3. Coraya's Avatar
    Every day following a call because it does something stupid to the music I'm listening to on the device!

    Posted via CB10
    That's weird. What does it do?

    Posted via unlocked PASSPORT
    11-19-14 06:44 PM
  4. rolojr1's Avatar
    Once a month or so or after I install any Android App. For some reason it will hang a little or run a bit slow. A hard reset corrects things and keeps me going without any issues. I have always done a hard reset as regular maintenance to ensure the device is working at its best.

    Posted via CB10
    11-19-14 07:56 PM
  5. NinjaBread's Avatar
    Lately I'm having to do one almost every day unfortunately. Something is jacked up with the Android player, I'm trying to narrow it down to a specific app (came from a Z30 with most of the same apps and no issues) but after a while everything gets really choppy. The keyboard lags, native apps stutter and android apps plain don't work.

    I have an idea of which recent app it is since my Passport was running great when I first got it but I'm really hoping it's something else as it's an app that's quite important.

    Posted via CB10
    11-19-14 10:03 PM
  6. Feeldak's Avatar
    Thanks all for your feebacks

    It seems that Android apps don't fit BBOS10 at 100%. For my part, it seems that Flipboard as wells as another news app, even if it runs smoothly, produce some software problems to the system.
    Yesterday, I had to perform another hard reset because some of Android apps couldn't start properly.

    I'm running 10.3.908 OS
    11-20-14 02:02 AM
  7. bakron1's Avatar
    I do a hard reset on mine once every couple of weeks if it needs it or not. I have done this to all my devices and it's seems to take care of any software glitches that occur.

    Sent from my lovely passport on T Mobile USA
    11-20-14 04:20 AM
  8. dualpassport's Avatar
    Sadly quite often - about once a fortnight

    Posted via CB10
    11-20-14 05:36 AM
  9. Andy Wijaya's Avatar
    Often. Maybe in 1.5 months, 8 times. The most annoying bug is the nonfunctional light sensor. The keyboard would not lit in the dark, which make typing difficult. And a couple of hub errors that don't resolve after hub reset. During on of the restart, I lost all of my text message and email from the hub. The email is still available on the server, but the text messages are gone. Which is a very bad bug. It was fine, because in one a half month, I didn't have that many messages or emails in the first place, but if it happens again, in half a year or something, I would be very pissed. ==
    11-20-14 03:13 PM
  10. q10newguy's Avatar
    I do every couple days or so to fix random bugs/glitches. Usually it's when I wake up in the morning and I don't have any notifications...texts, emails, whatever. Try restarting the hub and it gets hung up so I do a reset and sure enough a bunch of emails and such come through. Haven't had the patience to try just leaving the phone alone and seeing if it clears up the issue on its own...

    Posted via CB10
    11-20-14 03:56 PM
  11. Patrick Pierobon's Avatar
    Once when hub froze but i still blame it to a huge load of emails with video and tones of pictures coming in all at once. Guess all my contacts decided to press send at the same time with their emails. lol Second time was when I just felt like I did a lot of changes to my accounts and settings to the system so I wanted to treat the beast to a nice reboot!
    11-20-14 05:39 PM
  12. RafiqK's Avatar
    Never..never needed too. Very happy with that.

    BlackBerry Passport - 10.3 - WIND Mobile
    11-20-14 10:26 PM
  13. BBJonbo's Avatar
    So far on PP never in 4 weeks. Z10 probably every couple of months since Feb 2002.

    Posted CB10->BB Passport
    11-21-14 12:12 AM
  14. csiguy1's Avatar
    I must not understand what a Hard Reset is. By Hard Reset do you mean to erase the phone and reload everything or just power it off and reboot it which I thought that was a Soft Reset?
    11-21-14 12:55 AM
  15. Me2's Avatar
    I must not understand what a Hard Reset is. By Hard Reset do you mean to erase the phone and reload everything or just power it off and reboot it which I thought that was a Soft Reset?
    I was just about to say the same. A Hard Reset as regards mobile devices is accepted to be to restore the device to factory settings, including wiping all user data. What the OP is describing is a hard boot, equivalent to a battery pull .
    This thread needs renaming before the anti-BB brigade start to quote it as evidence that Blackberry devices are so unreliable that users have to nuke them several times a month, or, judging from the replies to the OP, their users are that tech-unsavvy that they don't know what a hard reset of a phone means
    11-21-14 01:19 AM
  16. Feeldak's Avatar
    Maybe I misunderstood the technical words as I read in this forum that the hard reset = pressing the volume buttons while the device is on power supply.

    Soft reset = pressing the top button
    So I'll let BBOS experts confirming the right terms.
    11-21-14 06:53 AM
  17. PonyCrazyKid's Avatar
    CSI Guy - can you or someone else explain the terms and how to execute them, please?
    I don't have any android apps - just what was loaded on the phone, so maybe that's a good thing for the 9900, but truth to tell, I'm a baby-berry and I love my 9900. I am interested in learning everything I can about Blackberry and how to keep my phone happy!
    thank you
    11-24-14 07:15 PM
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