1. anon(5956773)'s Avatar
    Since it'll probably have the same specs as not, but released a year from now.
    08-07-15 12:51 PM
  2. Jakob Greve's Avatar
    Your analogy is wrong since 1. Porsche is usually slightly better. 2. The whole idea of the Porsche design is premium chage so you're sure you distingish yourself from joe-avaerage Thal's part of what you pay for. Maybe they should opt for a Passport lada-design.
    08-07-15 01:01 PM
  3. jdesignz's Avatar
    5 silver edition maybe?

    Pasaporte Pilipinas | SQW100-1/
    08-07-15 01:30 PM
  4. curves2000's Avatar
    Is anyone starting to think that the Silver Edition Passport may have actually been designated as a Porsche designed phone but something changed?

    If I recall from earnings calls and Mobile World Congress, John Chen suggested a high end Passport and a Slider were coming before 2016.

    Maybe Porsche backed out of the deal or it didn't make sense for Blackberry to produce such few amounts. The design of the phone screams quality and sexiness.

    The reason why I suggest this is because back in September 2013 when Blackberry was going through its potential buyout period, the news came out that the Z10 was going to be "repositioned for the entry level emerging market" that actually didn't end up happening and Blackberry signed the Foxconn deal and developed the Z3. The strategy stayed the same, yet the details changed.

    Just a thought. Amazing looking phone regardless.

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    08-07-15 01:40 PM
  5. DOCTOREVIL8's Avatar
    One million dollars.

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    08-07-15 06:18 PM
  6. kthhrrsn's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    08-07-15 06:28 PM
  7. BBerryPowerUser's Avatar
    One million dollars.

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    Dr. Evil, a Million Dollars is not exactly a lot of money these days.
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    08-07-15 06:42 PM

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