10-15-15 10:51 PM
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  1. Tim-ANC's Avatar
    Had my ATT Passport since US launch last February. Haven't looked back. Within minutes after using it I picked up my Z10 and suddenly noticed how small it was. I'm working out of Ireland currently and recently had internet problems. The Z10 is on a local sim, so I set up my primary email accounts on it and tethered my computer to it. Z10 is still quite useful but was relieved when I got full function on my Passport restored. The only thing that is going to temp me to switch is the Slider because I really enjoyed my 9800 torch.
    07-22-15 05:32 AM
  2. cobra16's Avatar
    Good morning all,
    did my update through Link yesterday and all went very well except for one glitch.
    After update completed and phone restarted, i went to "software updates" in settings and it still shows update available being the same size as what i installed and completed through Link. I do not want hit update again as i know it will try to update again. The fear is it may screw up the first one that is working so perfectly. I also restarted the phone again to see if it clears. It did not.
    any help to get rid of this would be much appreciated as you are all so helpful.
    07-22-15 08:49 AM
  3. piquepoc's Avatar
    Switch ? what for ?
    I really appreciate screen and keybord. I'm ready to leave my Z10 for a bigger screen, but no way for the passport.
    07-22-15 09:00 AM
  4. delgadom's Avatar
    I've had mine for two months now.
    Came from a Z30 (great device), but the more I use it... the more I love it!

    No need to change a great thing!!!
    07-22-15 09:23 AM
  5. bb8900edit's Avatar
    I won't switch but I definitely want a media device. Thinking of getting an iPod Touch or a Samsung Alpha but the Passport stays, no questions asked.

    From my Jamaican Passport.
    07-22-15 09:37 AM
  6. nweinstock's Avatar
    Been using the PP since early December of last year.
    Very happy with it.

    Have a Classic arriving tomorrow, going to give it a try as well.

    07-22-15 09:47 AM
  7. tfp's Avatar
    I love my Passport but yes, I do have an inkling to switch back to my Z30 or to a new Leap. I miss the full touch experience. I tried using my Z10 as a back-up phone to try out leaked OS's and such and found it too small. I think the 5" Z30/Leap would be fine for me. But then again, when I think of leaving my Passport, I second guess the thought and think of everything I'd be giving up with the Passport. I don't know, I'm so confused lol

    Edited to add: Sorry, I've been using my Passport since November 2014. Roughly since launch.
    Last edited by tfp; 07-22-15 at 11:42 AM.
    07-22-15 11:29 AM
  8. kauffw's Avatar
    I'm pushing the 6 month mark and don't see myself changing anytime soon, unless a Classic somehow makes its way to my hands but even then I'd simply be alternating them not fully committing. I like the idea of having a smaller device on the weekends/travel but prefer the passport as my daily driver.
    07-22-15 12:50 PM
  9. chrispmoto's Avatar
    I have had mine since launch, and I don't think I could ever leave this phone, except for the next version...

    Even went and tried out all the latest Androids a couple weeks ago, (when all the buzz was started about an Android/BB "merger") and no way.....loving my Passport...!

    I clicked this on my Passport.
    07-22-15 01:01 PM
  10. Mathieu Monnier's Avatar
    6 months.
    100% happy with it : my previous Bold 9900 was slow and the screen too small for web browsing.
    Passport is fast and the screen is a marvel. <3
    07-22-15 01:15 PM
  11. Dafunkhead's Avatar
    2 months and loving it. Omg..the battery life is insane! It's a unique phone too and I always get compliments when my Red Passport is out on display.

    I would like to see more improvements in the brilliant BB10 OS though...

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-15 02:01 PM
  12. DenKlomps's Avatar
    I don't know why a person would want any other kind of phone. Like looking at photos much better on this, everything in landscape no thanks. Big clean screen, no fingerprints all over it. Love the Passport.

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-15 02:42 PM
  13. twirlyboy's Avatar
    Nope. Stickin' with this beauty until Mr. Chen comes out with something better.
    07-22-15 02:51 PM
  14. lpthomasson's Avatar
    Five months with the AT&T version. Love the screen size, keyboard, and so much more. I am still discovering new things the device can do. No thoughts of switching.

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-15 03:41 PM
  15. anon(679606)'s Avatar
    9mo...inkling, yes... would immediately look at any with physical KB vertically oriented due to threats of android runtime removal via update on my BlackBerry Passport & some snarky attitude by some (not all) at BlackBerry...you asked...

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-15 03:47 PM
  16. thymaster's Avatar
    I'm into my 9th months and I don't envy any of the latest iPhone users or gimmicky Samsung edge phones. I truly enjoy this phone very much and the efficiency of BB10.
    07-22-15 03:58 PM
  17. Detective M Downs's Avatar
    Not switching, but will get the iPhone 6S.
    07-22-15 04:21 PM
  18. chaddt's Avatar
    I used my passport for about 6 months before switching to the classic. The size and lack of the full 4 row keyboard are what made me swap to the classic. I still have the passport but haven't used it since getting the classic

    Posted via Classic or maybe the Passport
    07-22-15 04:43 PM
  19. jopfet's Avatar
    Nope! Never!!!

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-15 04:44 PM
  20. offyoutoddle's Avatar
    every time my thumb reaches over for a letter on the far side of the keyboard and i have to stop doing what i was doing with my other hand I think about getting rid of this phone. But other than that, with the strongest battery life and the most powerful blackberry phone I've ever owned in my possesion since launch, I don't think about switching. I'm toying with getting a classic for this reason, but it will never satisfy me with power and battery life after the passport - i think this phone has ruined me for all other phones, despite its strictly 2 hand nature
    07-22-15 05:15 PM
  21. cbosdell's Avatar
    I've have my passport for 7 months now which is pretty long for me. I have no desire to switch (except maybe back to my Z30's better AMOLED screen).

    I am getting a little frustrated with the app situation though. Over the course of 2014 every app I wanted became available for BB10 but now native app development has basically stalled and some of my most-used apps such as Snap2Chat/Snap10 have been shut down. Android apps are fine for the most part but leave something to be desired especially with notifications so I'm forced to carry around an iPhone 5C tethered to my Passport's wi-fi hotspot.

    I'm also concerned about what I'll end up doing either in 2016 or 2017 if there isn't another flagship BB10 device.
    07-22-15 05:22 PM
  22. newfie1974's Avatar
    5 months and still loving it.
    07-22-15 05:33 PM
  23. jackbuck93's Avatar
    Best phone I've ever had and my very first Blackberry. I love that I can type without looking. I'm doing it right now. The security is ideal for my line of work and the hub is easily the best software feature. I do on occasion, however, find myself seriously frustrated over the app situation. Yes I know this is a phone for business but I really did hope it would be good enough to serve as personal and business. Every day I'm getting more and more tempted to get an Android personal phone so I can enjoy the same apps my friends and family do.

    For this reason I hope that BlackBerry negotiates some kind of deal where it incorporates Play services. I don't want an Android BlackBerry. Just Google Play.

    In short, BlackBerry Passport is the best phone I've ever had but yes, I do think about switching.

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-15 05:34 PM
  24. GreenCopperz's Avatar
    I've had my Passport since October. I'm considering switching because I'm sick and tired of replacing Passports due to screen lifting.

    Posted via CB10
    Change how you're carrying or sitting on your phone!! Passport DOES NOT go in tight a$$ hipster jean pockets (neither in front nor back), but rather a shirt pocket, business suit, briefcase or purse... NO phones in pockets where pressure is applied... PERIOD! I've had ZERO issues with lifting or bending! I don't drive over my phone, don't wash or dry it or use it as a pry-bar either. Wheel chalks for your camper is also a no-no. In other words (Donald Trump style) - keep your luxury Passport damage free by not being a d u m b a s s!

    ALToronto likes this.
    07-22-15 07:13 PM
  25. blambtn's Avatar
    Only a few weeks in but what a phone!! Love this beast!! I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon.

    Posted via Passport -
    07-22-15 07:23 PM
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